Sunday, November 20, 2011

Juc'd is coming January 2012

Juc'd is coming Januray 2012 (yes- it was supposed to be beginning of december but these things are never on time)!! i truly can't wait to share my passion with everyone!! my team and i have been working hard developing the best shots, juices, smoothies, milks, tonics and soups ever!! Liquid nutrition is delicious, nutritious and amazingly creative. i spent the last couple of days in the Juc'd kitchen solidifying many of the Juc'd signature recipes and i could not have had more fun- let alone being unbelievably nourished. i need to say thank you to my wonderful support team- doing this with a support team of like-minded people makes all the difference. There is truly LOVE in every recipe that you will drink.
Stay updated on my bradley wellness blog for the next few weeks and soon all the Juc'd social media outlets will be ready to go. I feel sooo grateful for this opportunity and experience!!
check out all the juices!! it was like a big chemistry lab!!

gotta love the norwalk press!!

can you believe the weather. it could not have been a nicer fall day. I had an amazing day with my boys- part of which we played in the leaves!!

Leaf angels!!

Try this amazing cacao drink which i'm sipping on right now. i'm going to be wired for a few hours- it may be an all-nighter!!
sorry but no pic of the actual smoothie!!

2 cups almond milk
2 tbsp cacao powder
2 tbsp cacao nibs
1 large tbsp dandy
1 tbsp lucuma
1 tbsp mesquite
1 tbsp coconut sugar
optional- a few drops vanilla or toffee stevia

It's time to build my support team and community even more. i'm looking for more like-minded people to join the juc'd team. Here is what i'm looking for:
-Tech/media intern for social media, videos, audio and more...
-Juc'd team associates
-PR/marketing expert
and more....
if you are interested in joining the juc'd team please email or call me!!

that's it for now!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Fun!!

i love the fall. this morning the boys and i were catching the falling leaves from the trees and jumping in HUGE piles of them!! it was soooo refreshing and fun!!!
did a great morning smoothie for owen today.
almond milk
pure synergy green powder
blue manna
goji berries
probiotic powder
reishi powder
dash vanilla stevia
he loved it!!!

check out our halloween fun!! everyone asks me what do i do about all the candy?? kids need to be kids and i'm not going to stress about them having a little candy. it is what they do 90% of the time that matters. so i let them eat whatever they want halloween night. the next day i let them have a couple of pieces and then i throw it all away (or give it to my nanny- as i did this year).
mason the transformer and helen the mermaid- what a beautiful couple!!

the transformer and lightning mcqueen attacking daddy!!

the whole crew ready to trick or treat!!

owen as lightning mcqueen!!

mason strategically organizing his 44 pieces of candy!!

have a fabulous fall weekend!!