Sunday, March 28, 2010

Raw Food Feasting

what an amazing few days!! i'm always creating and taste-testing new recipes but i feel like lately i've been doing it even more- which is not a hard job!!! its the best job in the world to create and savor the food that nourishes me on a daily basis. my partner and i are finalizing all the fabulous recipes for our raw living foods product line and menu and we just can 't stop creating. friday was a coconut adventure!!

i got 9 coconuts and made coconut kefir and coconut kefir yogurt. saturday afternoon i enjoyed some amazing raw ice cream creations made by my partner- blueberry vanilla and cinnamon chocolate- melt in your mouth amazing!!! this past weekend Matt Samuelson was in town. He was one of my chef instructors at Living Light Culinary Institute in California. Saturday night we did a raw living foods Mexican Feast which was amazing. the event was from 6-9 and since this is way to late for me to eat i saved it for this afternoon. i had made some amazing spinach wraps (made of just spinach, ground flax, lemon juice and sea salt)and wrapped the mexican feast creations in them. sooo delish!!! today's event was at Cafe Green which will be officially opening in May. Matt's focus today was on chocolate and desserts.

personally i don't eat chocolate or desserts much at all- really ever, but many of my clients enjoy them so its important for me to have fabulous recipes. these were all amazing. you just can't go wrong with raw desserts. we did raw chocolate bars, a chocolate mousse and vanilla custard torte in a coconut crust, banana coconut cream pie and an apple and pear cobbler with walnut crumble. it is hard for me to sit for a class so i was very happy to assist him during class. you learn something new with every class you take. the best was the lunch that cafe green provided
after the class.

loads of raw delights- kale chips, spinach salad, kelp noodles, a raw cracker, coconut noodles and just amazing flavors.

the best parts of this weekend were getting foods prepared for me as opposed to me preparing them. don't get me wrong i LOVE preparing food myself but it is nice to occasionally sit back, relax and just enjoy the fruits of someone elses labor!! the other part that i loved about the weekend was meeting more people who are gradually changing their health by incorporating raw living foods and living the lifestyle. i love it!!! i love inspiring others to continue on the raw living foods path. it has changed my life and i will never go back.

check out matt's chocolates "Golden Bean Chocolate Bars"!!!

**sorry for no pics of the actual food but my camera is in the shop and i borrowed a friend's camera but did not get the pics yet- so i will post these later.

be well!! kelly

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is here!!!

happy spring everyone!!! the sun is out which means we are all getting a natural dose of vitamin D!! here is a sample of a recent daily food/wellness journal:

take probiotic
drink warm water with lemon while i make my amazing green green juice
GTs synergy kombucha- i've been loving kombucha tea lately- my favorites are trilogy, green and gingerade
Yoga- my daily yoga is key to balancing my mind, body and spirit! i've been working on inversions and deeper breath awareness lately. i have lots of exciting workshops coming up that i'm looking forward to.
loads of green juice (around 50 oz) with my supplements of multi raw vitamin/mineral, D3 and omega zen

raw sauerkraut- gotta get my fermented foods.

lately i've been massaging the sauerkraut with greens and sea veggies to make fabulous creamy salads. i then use dressing of either avocado or tahini.

raw sprouts and veggies: broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, clover sprouts, radishes, carrots, red peppers (i've also been loving red peppers lately too), greens

greenies: i've been making a veggie pattie type thing (it looks like a brownie but it is green) using my leftover fiber from my juice in the morning, ground flax, ground sunflower seeds, veggies, herbs/spices etc and then dehydrating them so they are crispy on the outside and soft inside- they are sooo good and amazingly delicious. i love them plain and sometimes i add sea lettuce and nori to them and they are even more amazing and filled with minerals and protein. next batch i make i will take a pic and post it.
another kombucha tea

enjoy the sun!!