Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Raw Cereal and Collard Wraps with Coconut Tumeric Cilantro Sauce

 I tried a new raw dehydrated cereal today that i'm totally impressed with!!  I ate a few bites of it with my morning smoothie.  It has a great texture compared to many "raw granolas and cereals" on the market.  check it out.  Living Intentions Hemp and Greens Superfood Cereal!!  It's filled with awesome stuff: buckwheat sprouts, coconut, palm sugar, sunflower sprouts, banana, sesame seeds, hemp protein, spinach powder, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa leaf, dandelion leaf and more..  When i crave a bowl of cereal i will totally eat this with almond milk and a few slices of banana!! 

Cereals always take me back to when i was a kid and lived on Lucky Charms!!  i would eat all the marshmellows and leave the rest.  Then drink up all the leftover sugar-filled 2% milk.  Oh how times have changed!!!  

Now to the wrap!!

I love my wraps!!  I made these collards wraps with a delicious and nutritious Coconut Tumeric Garlic Sauce.  This one i will definitely recreate often!! 

The Sauce!!!
1 cup coconut meat
1/3 cup coconut water
1 1/2 cloves garlic
juice of 1/2 a lime
1 tsp coconut nectar
1 tsp turmeric
1 cup cilantro
1 tsp sea salt
dash of cayenne
Blend all ingredients in Vitamix Blender.

Collard Wraps
5 collard leaves
1 bell pepper, sliced into thin strips
3 carrots, sliced into thing strips
1 cup grape tomatoes, cut in half
1/2 cucumber, no seeds, sliced into thin strips
1 cup arugula
1 cup pea greens

De-stem collard leaf and lay flat.  In center of collard leaf place above ingredients and roll like a burrito.  I like to use a spoon to place sauce on each bite.  You can also place sauce inside wrap before rolling.

I ate three wraps for lunch today!!  Delish!!  

Get creative in the kitchen!!!

Check out my toe stretchers!!  Very important to have flexible feet!!

Be Well!!!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday at the Market

Another fabulous Sunday!!  At gym by 7 for cardio, strength, yoga/stretching.  Home to make power smoothie- same recipe as yesterday!!  I love using my green juice as the base for smoothies.  It totally ups the nutrition factor!! 

Got ready for a photo shoot and shopping at bethesda central market.  we were taking pics for the new blog/website, book and more.  I love getting creative with food and photography. here are some shots of the tomatoes i took.

After returning from the market the boys and i went on a bike ride on Beach Drive.  It was such a perfect day for a bike ride.  We played at the park for a little while and then decided it was time for the pool.  I love Sundays because we don't need to plan everything we can do what we feel like doing.  So we headed home, packed up some fruit and water and off to the pool for the rest of the afternoon!  We enjoyed lots of vollyball in the water, playing chase and worked on our swimming strokes- mason is totally inspired by the olympics!!   

Ok- back to the market and the essentials i get there each week.  Some of the staples i get at the market during this season include: kale, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes.  I use loads of kale for smoothies and salads.  We all love raw cucumbers and are great for the kids to make cucumber boats and add nut/seed butters inside.  I make loads of zucchini pasta.  tomatoes for gazpacho, salads and sauces.  Then there is my sprout buddy who has the best sunflower sprouts, pea greens, arugula, salad mix, spinach and today i got lots of sweet basil and thai basil to test out.  I load up on all my sprouts!!!  At his stand i also get a container of his cilantro pesto and walnut pesto!!  He also sells these veggie rolls with peanut butter dipping sauce.  It's nice to have a few already prepared foods made with good ingredients.  I also got some fresh peaches- i love white peaches!!  At the susie sprout stand i got a few boxes of sprouts and her prepared sprout salad.  Today i also decided to test out her peanut butter.

After the pool it was time to enjoy many of the wonderful things i got at the market!!  first, i made a small walnut pesto salad with my sunflower and pea green sprouts- soooo fresh!!  

Next, i ate my veggie rice paper wraps with peanut dipping sauce.  These are not totally raw- they are made with white rice paper wraps (not much nutritional value but i like the texture), they have tofu inside (when i eat tofu i like to get the non-gmo organic sprouted tofu at moms) and of course the peanut sauce is most likely not made with truly raw peanuts.  But they are a great meal occasionally and i enjoy every bite!!

I never eat peanut butter but since i had the taste in my mouth i craved more.  So i decide to taste test the susie sprout peanut butter i had originally gotten for joe (he loves sprouted bagels with peanut butter and jelly sometimes).  It was delish!!  in a bowl i mixed the peanut butter, coconut nectar and a few dashes of sea salt- totally yummy!!  it made me feel like i was 10 years old again.   I debated adding cacao nibs but did not- that would be fabulous too!!

Later i was off to My Organic Market to get everything else i need for the week for the family and I. 

When i returned home i had to make a coconut lime tumeric cilantro dipping sauce that i had been planning to make today since i already thawed my coconut meat.  I made the sauce but was not in the mood to even taste test.  But it smelled soooo delicious and with the ingredients i can't imagine it will be bad!!  i can't wait to taste test tomorrow!!
I'll share final recipe tomorrow after i taste test!!! 



Saturday, July 28, 2012

Creamy Ginger Dressing

Great Saturday Morning!!  Naturally woke at 6:30ish and was excited to return to gym today after letting my ankle heal from minor strain.  The boys are always excited to go to the Kid Zone at Equinox.  Mason loves playing on the computers and owen loves playing with the trucks. 

My workout:  20 minutes interval training elliptical, 10 minutes treadmill incline, 20 minutes strength training, 10 minutes stretching.  It was a quickie workout because i had to get mason home to leave for the big soccer game with Joe!!   

Power smoothie time!!  my body was craving my smoothie.
Drank 8 ounces of green juice while making my smoothie.

12 ounces green juice
1 cup blueberries
1 handful goji berries
1 handful spinach
3 kale leaves
1 scoop sun warrior pea protein vanilla
2 tbsps hemp seeds
1 tbsp dulse
1 tsp cinnamon
1 scoop acai
1 tsp camu camu

I always have loads of very ripe organic frozen bananas in the freezer for our smoothies.

Owen and I went bike riding on the capital crescent trail.  He loves being the leader and showing me where to go.  Then we played at the park- i love being a kid and swinging on the swings!!  

Home to make lunch!!
Saturday is my day to use up all fresh produce to make room for Sunday shopping day!!  I made a big salad out of everything i had in the refrigerator: arugula, herb greens, pea shoots, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, red peppers, tomatoes, celery, zucchini, scallions, sweet onion, cilantro, parsley, dill...   I poured my Creamy Garlic Ginger Dressing on top and tossed!!!

Creamy Ginger Dressing:

½ cup hemp oil
2 1/2 tbsps apple cider vinegar
2 tbsps tahini
2 tbsps water
2 tbsps grated ginger
2 tbsps nutritional yeast
1-2 cloves garlic
1 tsp sea salt
black pepper to taste
3 dashes cayenne pepper

I ate some as a salad, wrapped some in a nori sheet and added dash more of nutritional yeast and pumpkins seeds and then made a yummy bowl where i added lots more nutritional yeast and pumpkin seeds.  

Enjoyed some raw vegan chocolate as a treat tonight.  Yummy!!  

Mason took a long nap after the big soccer game in baltimore today so he was full of energy until 10ish tonight.  He came down a few minutes ago to show me his ship he built with legos!!  He has been wearing his captain america costume to bed all week!!!

nighty night!!!  kelly

Happy Hour!!!

Happy Hour was soooo much fun with great people and fabulous delicious and nutritious drinks!!!  one reason i love the raw living foods lifestyle is because its creative.  It takes the foods of nature and turns them into unique masterpieces.  Of course i love raw living foods for all their nutrition and health benefits but i have fun with it because it is a way to be creative in living healthy every day!!  i don't believe that we all need to do 100% raw to be optimally healthy.  i feel that we can and should if we choose, include some cooked foods into our diet and we will still thrive.  More on this topic later....  Back to the fabulous drinks at happy hour.

Kelly's Detox Tonic!!  This was a "strong" drink but sooo cleansing.  This will be available the week of the 7-Day Detox which starts august 4th.

cucumber juice
wheatgrass juice
loads of ginger
loads of lemon

I loved the Lemon Basil Mint Granita.  It was fresh mint and basil blended with lemon, ice and agave.  I will totally recreate this at home using coconut nectar instead of agave.  
Above is my client and friend joann who has kicked buttocks with transitioning to a raw living foods lifestyle!!  Watch out for her testimonial.  She is living the life now with juicing, smoothies, sprouts, cultured foods and more and loving it!!  She feels and sees the difference every day!!  Thanks for coming joann!!!

Check out the Tropical Paradise!!!  Grapefruit and orange blended with frozen strawberries.  The grapefruit totally makes it taste like a real strawberry daiquiri!!  This drink took me back to my "drinkin days"!!  my favorite drink used to be Malibu and pineapple juice.  Used to go to a place where they served them in fish bowls- and i drank them up  like a fish.  Now, i can't remember the last time i had a real drink- even wine.  Its not because i have told myself "don't drink" - its just because i truly don't like the way it makes me feel while drinking and especially the day after.
Living a healthy, mindful lifestyle makes  you very aware of how your body feels and you get very sensitive to changes.  I like feeling 100% and above.  I want optimal energy every day to live a full present life.  I am perfectly fine with other people who choose to have some alcohol occasionally.  there are plenty of organic wines and healthier ways to enjoy the alcohol and not feel so bad the next day.  Future blog coming up will be on alternative hangover remedies!!  For now, one of the best things you can do is hydrate before and after- coconut water is fabulous for this!!!!

Can't forget the delish Kombucha from Capital Kombucha!!!
Thanks Puree for a fabulous night!!!!   One of the best parts about Happy Hour at Puree is that i can drink anything and enjoy!!  Plus i love being surrounded by others who are like-minded.  I don't think any one there was thinking "i can't wait to do a few real shots at the bar after this."  But maybe they were- who knows.  I know that gatherings like this are inspiring for everyone.  This is why i'm excited for our monthly potluck meet-ups!!!  The menu is building for the potluck so  make sure you email me if you are coming and also the recipe for what you will bring.  People were asking me last night what to bring.  It does not need to be a fancy gourmet raw meal. Just bring something you love.  here are some ideas: a fabulous salad with great dressing, nori sushi rolls with great dipping sauce, raw vegan pate wrapped in collard leaf, kale chips, dehydrated crackers, zucchini hummus with raw veggies, zucchini nooodles with marinara sauce or a blended raw soup.  have fun with it!!!

I here the boys waking now!!!  time to start fueling them for the day.  Joe and Mason are going to Baltimore for the big soccer game in Baltimore- Liverpool and i forget the other team.  They totally bond  watching soccer together and now they get to experience a game.  Arsenal is their favorite team.  I'm sure we'll be off to London at some point to watch a real game!!!  I get the day with Owen!!!  Lots of family fun!!!

be well and thanks to everyone for a great last night!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Perfect Day for ICE CREAM!!!!

Hello Heat!!!!  I do love the heat but today was thick and hot!!  Days like today i just don't feel like eating much and i want cold creamy refreshing things. 
This morning i was back to my power smoothie- totally cool and refreshing.  I drank 2 16 ounce glasses from about 9:30ish - 1:30ish with water in between.  They gave me energy all day while seeing clients back to back. 

I drank lots of refreshing iced teas including pau d'arco, spring dragon and yerbe mate for a little extra energy kick!!! 

Tonight it was time for some cold refreshing raw vegan ice cream!!!  We did three different ice creams tonight.  
I indulged in some cashew creamery raw vegan vanilla ice cream.  Totally delish!! 

Owen enjoyed some of my homemade raw vegan mocha coffee ice cream.  Yes, he ate two cones before they melted!! 

Mason decided on the healthiest of them all- the strawberry banana fruit ice cream made in the vitamix!!! 

1 bag frozen organic strawberries
2 frozen organic bananas
1 scoop sun warrior vanilla protein powder
1 big scoop raw organic almond butter
Blend it all up in the vitamix and serve!!! 

Now I'm munching on my chlorella tablets!!!

Meet me at Puree Juice Bar in Bethesda tomorrow night for Happy Hour from 5-7!!! 

Sign up for my Cleanse starting August 4th!!! 

Come to the Free Raw Food Potluck on  Sunday August 12th from 12-1:30 at Yoga Fusion!!!  Email me with what you will be bringing!!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kelly's Detox Tonic and Raw Ketchup as a Salad Dressing???

I have a little ankle strain so i'm letting it rest and not doing my 5am cardio workouts until it heals.  I do not feel the same when i don't get my early workouts in but i know i need to let it rest a little.  Of course i can't not workout so its a mellow workout week for me- lots of yoga, pilates and gyrotonic exercise, upper body and core strengthening and everything else i can do without straining the ankle.  I'm a fast healer so i'll be back in action asap!!!  When you fuel the body well it heals fast!!! 

Started the day with some fresh juicy watermelon!!! 
Check out owen's masterpiece from camp today!!!  It's an animal house made out of marshmellows, pretzels, animal crackers and green icing!!  Downfall is they wanted to eat it.  As i said before i don't mind treats occasionally but during the week i really try to have them eat clean and well- but you can't say no to eating a masterpiece!!! 

Tonight for my salad i decided to try a recipe that is actually a recipe for raw ketchup but thought it might be a fun sweeter salad dressing.  When i was a kid i loved ketchup!!!  i would eat it on everything- corn, soft pretzels, chicken and more...  

I liked the texture but next time i will add garlic.  But it totally worked!!! Use this recipe on salads, veggie or raw vegan burgers or as a dip for sweet potato fries. 

Ketchup Salad Dressing!!!

4 fresh or soaked dried dates
1.5 cup chopped tomato
1 cup sun dried tomatoes
¼ cup chopped onion
¼ cup coconut nectar
¼ cup hemp oil
3 tbsps acv (use 2 tbsps if using it for ketchup)
1 large handful basil (use 1 tsp oregano if using it for ketchup)
Sea salt and pepper to taste
 dash of cayenne
optional- add 1-2 cloves garlic

I placed the dressing on a bed of sunflower and alfalfa sprouts, arugula, herb mix greens and chopped tomatoes and then sprinkled sprouted pumpkin seeds on top.  It was another quick salad because we had a guest arriving soon and i had to get cleaned up and ready!!  

For dinner for the boys we made a delicious vegetarian pizza but i totally forgot to take pics!! i'll remember next time we make homemade pizza!!!

The boys went to the neighbors to play soccer and i was off to Puree to taste test my Happy Hour drink at Puree!!!  It is fantastic!!!!  You must come to sample it on Friday!!
Here is Kelly's Detox Tonic!!!!

cucumber juice
wheatgrass juice

You can't get much cleaner than that!!!!   
Puree in Bethesda this Friday for Happy Hour from 5-7pm!!!

Check out my superheros getting ready for bed.  They wanted to sleep in their costumes tonight.  Every moment is fun and exciting with two little boys!!!

See you at Puree on Friday night!!!

be well, kelly