Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cilantro Walnut Pesto Recipe!!

I'm back!!  We had an unplanned 4th of July vacation in Williamsburg at my in-laws due to the crazy storm.  It was loaded with amazing experiences that if it was not for the storm i would have never gotten to experience!!  

This week's menu is filled with loads of seasonal produce- gazpacho, zucchini pasta with pesto, zucchini pad thai, thai collard wraps and more... 

You must try this recipe.  It is my favorite pesto!! I poured it over a bed of pea sprouts, arugula and salad mix i got at the Bethesda Central Market today.  i also added zucchini pasta, radishes, carrots, sweet onions, and dash of sea salt and pepper too.    
Cilantro Walnut Pesto
2 cups fresh cilantro
1 cup fresh basil ( usually add more basil)
1 cup walnuts, soaked
¾ cup olive oil
2 tbsps lemon juice
2 tbsps fresh sage
1 clove garlic ( i like it with 2 cloves)
2 tsps celtic salt
½ tsp cayenne

Another great pesto recipe is my Almond Basil Pesto:
3 cups basil
1 cup almonds (soaked) or pine nuts
3/4 cups olive oil
2 tbsps lemon juice
2 cloves garlic
2 tsps celtic salt
1/2 tsp cayenne

 My zucchini pasta!!

The finished product!!!

Sooooo nourishing!!  I ate it while my boys made sand creations in bottles.  The sand was going everywhere but nothing was pulling me away from my Cilantro Walnut Pesto Salad!!! 

Enjoy the season's gifts!!!   Kelly

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