Friday, July 13, 2012

Morning Workout, Smoothie, Lunch and more...

I've always been a morning exercise person.  I need to wake up before the rest of the world, focus on me, get my body and mind pumping and then i can focus on the rest of the world- including my family,   professional colleagues and clients and social events!!

Today's morning workout:
5am- elliptical x 15 minutes intervals
treadmill x 15 minutes alternating running and hiking on incline
strength training with weights and cables, core exercises x 20 minutes
yoga stretching x 10 minutes

Home for skin brushing and shower

Time to make and drink my recovery smoothie:

14 ounces water
1 frozen banana
1 cup blueberries
2 handfuls spinach
3 tbsps hemp seeds
1 scoop vanilla sun warrior protein
*makes about 24 ounces

I'm working on some great new programs so i've been researching and writing all morning.
Took break to rebound for 15 minutes.
Time for lunch!!  Kale Coleslaw with half Avocado for now!!
  While working i love sipping on iced teas.  I make big batches of a variety of teas and always have them in the refrigerator in the summer!!

Spring Dragon
Pau D'arco
He shou wu
and many more!! 
My boys enjoyed their smoothie today too!!  They wanted the same as mommy's!!
They drank their smoothie with their power pancakes:
Time to get back to work so I can immerse more people in the benefits of "Plant-Based Nutrition"!!!

Have a fabulous Day!!  Nourish yourself well with every bite you take!! 


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