Sunday, August 28, 2011

Superfood Mango Strawberry Gelato

This morning i was in the mood for something different compared to my usual "Juice Junkie" addiction of green juice. yes- i admit i'm a juice junkie- but even i want a change occasionally!!
i decided to go for a power gelato!! remember any time you are combining fruit with other types of food it is not an optimal food combination. so if you are in a healing phase or cleansing or just wanting to eat "optimally raw"- then this is not for you. if you are living the raw food lifestyle and in a healthy state- this is a great treat for you.

1 bag frozen organic mangos
1/2 bag frozen organic strawberries
1 tbsp mesquite
1 tbsp lucuma
5 drops vanilla stevia
1 scoop vanilla sun warrior protein

blend all above ingredients in blender till smooth and creamy!!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mixed Green Fermented Veggie Salad with Tahini Dressing

i know its been a while. i'm working on a huge project which i will be launching in the next few months. i'll tell you more when i can. its very exciting and you will all be able to benefit!!! i'm very excited!!

keep up to date with whats going on via my tweets too.

here is a delish salad i made today:
1 handful mixed greens
1 handful sunflower sprouts
raw fermented mixed veggies
1/2 avocado
dulse and kelp
dressing of: lemon juice, tahini and cayenne- dash of sea salt
i mixed it all up together and placed it in a nori roll to eat!!
i ate it with my yummy cheesy kale chips.
these are the fermented veggies i used:

Eat Optimally RAW and live an optimal life!! enjoy, kelly

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Delish Juices and Amazing Ice Cream

I was so spoiled in NY having access to such a variety of amazing cold-pressed juices that i had to juice a variety of delicious and nutritious ones this morning.
mason helping me juice

i started with my power green loaded with seasonal greens, a small amount of apple and ginger and lemon. i of course drank this while eating my chlorella tablets. Next i made simple cucumber. Here is mason enjoying his morning cucumber juice.

cucumber juice by itself is sooo refreshing and smooth.
Next i juiced loads of carrots and loads of beets and jarred them up separately.

later in the day i combined them with a little ginger in one batch and a little garlic in another batch. both were delicious and smooth.

Tonight i made an amazing lime coconut avocado ice cream.

this is my new favorite. i can't give you the exact recipe because this will no doubt be on the menu of my juice/raw food bar but here are the ingredients: coconut water, coconut meat, avocado, lime juice, dates, vanilla stevia, sea salt, lime zest. this is amazingly nutritious and delicious and extremely creamy!! you will all get to taste it soon!!
here is a pic of a fresh young coconut with the water still inside.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Kid's Lemonade, Superfood Gelato and Captain America!!

hi everyone, The kids and I had adventures inside today- i am nursing a little cold. i decided to rest and rejuvenate. when i know my body is fighting something here are a few things i do- and i did them all today!!
i load up on fluids including warm water with lemon and cayenne, a variety of immune boosting teas and ginger tea, green juices, an elixir filled with ginger, cayenne, spearmint, tumeric and honey, another elixir filled with orange juice, scallions, ginger, lemon, parsley, celery and cucumber and lots of alkalized water with minerals. it felt great to only do light fluids most of the day. i take lots of vitamin D, C, echinaecia and elderberry. i also do droppers of cold and flu herbs, nasal wash, light movement, deep breathing, skin brushing, light trampoline and rest. It was a great day to rejuvenate my body and connect with my boys.
A regular drink for the kids lately are their lemonades made in the vitamix blender. we add the juice of many lemons, coconut water, a few drops of stevia, dash of dulse and dash of cayenne (very small). They love drinking them out of straws!

The kids had fun playing "restaurant". they were making smoothies and serving me food all afternoon. Mason just got a "captain america" constume and will not take it off. He is no longer mason bradley he is CAPTAIN AMERICA!! i love it.
mason and owen blending their smoothies

mason sweeping his restaurant floors

mason and owen making sandwiches for their customers

tonight we made a delicious superfood fruit gelato.

i made a big batch for owen, mason and I. in your vitamix blender add:
1/2 bag frozen organic mangos
1/2 bag frozen organic strawberries
1/2 bag frozen organic blueberries
2 scoops sun warrior vanilla protein
1 large tbsp lucuma
1 large tbsp mesquite
1 dropper vanilla stevia
use temper to blend till smooth. You need to use your muscles for this one!! sprinkle bee pollen and or hemp seeds on top!!

enjoy, kelly

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Juices and Raw Food in NY

good evening everyone!! just returned from NY where i feasted on fresh pressed juices and raw foods!! we walked the streets all day going from one juice bar and raw food cafe to the next. we ended our night at Organic Avenue for a fabulous class with Jason Wrobel on Tonic Elixirs and Ice Creams- and as many of you know i love experimenting with nutrient-dense elixirs and ice creams!!

tonight the boys and i splurged on all my leftovers from NY plus made a delicious thick and creamy coconut milk!! If you have not experimented with fresh young organic coconuts it is a must. buy a whole fresh organic young coconut. Crack it open using a hatchet or the bottom edge of your chef knife. you can sip the water right out of the coconut or combine the water with the meat of the coconut to make a thick and creamy coconut milk. I then combined lots of coconut meat with just a little coconut water to make a thicker milk. i added kefir starter and have it fermenting for a few hours to make a delicious coconut yogurt that i can enjoy tomorrow. i'll show pics tomorrow.

have a wonderful night, kelly

Monday, August 1, 2011

Delish Dinner!!!

Today is Day 1 for most of my 7-Day Detoxers. I hope everyone became more aware of how your food choices affected your energy level and how you felt for the day. One common statement i got in emails today was that "the lighter feeling due to eating less and lighter foods was a great feeling".
Today was a fabulous day with the kids. we ventured to Port Discovery in Baltimore!! stimulus overload for kids but sooo much fun. see pics:
mason climbing on the wall

the boys checking out "the biggest boat ever!!"

playing soccer with the big boys

getting soaked from head to toe in the water room

they had a blast!!

my intention today was to do a total cleansing day and have just green juice and watermelon juice but i changed my mind when i remembered i needed to use up some tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini that were picked fresh from a friend's garden- i could not let these go bad!! i of course wanted to create a delicious dinner for us using all the in-season ripe veggies.

i made the gazpacho recipe that i posted yesterday- i added a kick of cayenne too!! i ate some as soup garnished with hemp seeds, dulse, avocado and a little more olive oil. then i took some of the soup and placed it back in the blender and added nutritional yeast, tahini and black pepper to make it a little cheesier and thicker to use as a sauce for the zucchini pasta. This was delish and extremely nourishing!!
a great tip is to use small bowls and plates when you are plating your food. here is my little bowl of soup- i ate more than one bowl but it still forces you to think "do i want more" or am i just eating to clean my plate.

here is my veggie pasta maker that i use to make my zucchini pasta

i put loads of the dressing on and then sprinkled more nutritional yeast, dulse and hemp seeds on top.

when you are detoxing it is best not to use more than one fat at a meal or snack. the more types of fat the harder the body has to work to digest it- so do not do exactly what i did if you are doing a strict detox. you can totally modify and do only one type of fat such as only use avocado in this meal or only use olive oil. it will still taste wonderful.

namaste, kelly