Sunday, August 28, 2011

Superfood Mango Strawberry Gelato

This morning i was in the mood for something different compared to my usual "Juice Junkie" addiction of green juice. yes- i admit i'm a juice junkie- but even i want a change occasionally!!
i decided to go for a power gelato!! remember any time you are combining fruit with other types of food it is not an optimal food combination. so if you are in a healing phase or cleansing or just wanting to eat "optimally raw"- then this is not for you. if you are living the raw food lifestyle and in a healthy state- this is a great treat for you.

1 bag frozen organic mangos
1/2 bag frozen organic strawberries
1 tbsp mesquite
1 tbsp lucuma
5 drops vanilla stevia
1 scoop vanilla sun warrior protein

blend all above ingredients in blender till smooth and creamy!!


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