Saturday, August 6, 2011

Delish Juices and Amazing Ice Cream

I was so spoiled in NY having access to such a variety of amazing cold-pressed juices that i had to juice a variety of delicious and nutritious ones this morning.
mason helping me juice

i started with my power green loaded with seasonal greens, a small amount of apple and ginger and lemon. i of course drank this while eating my chlorella tablets. Next i made simple cucumber. Here is mason enjoying his morning cucumber juice.

cucumber juice by itself is sooo refreshing and smooth.
Next i juiced loads of carrots and loads of beets and jarred them up separately.

later in the day i combined them with a little ginger in one batch and a little garlic in another batch. both were delicious and smooth.

Tonight i made an amazing lime coconut avocado ice cream.

this is my new favorite. i can't give you the exact recipe because this will no doubt be on the menu of my juice/raw food bar but here are the ingredients: coconut water, coconut meat, avocado, lime juice, dates, vanilla stevia, sea salt, lime zest. this is amazingly nutritious and delicious and extremely creamy!! you will all get to taste it soon!!
here is a pic of a fresh young coconut with the water still inside.


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