Monday, February 27, 2012

You must try this after workout smoothie!!

i love being motivated even more to challenge how i work my body!! remember to always go beyond what you think you can do. do two more repetitions when you don't think you can. add more three dimensional motions to your exercise to work all planes of the body- ie. lunges and squats while twisting using a theraband. work the buttocks!! our muscles work in synergies and totally effect what the others do- we need to work them that way too. pay attention to asymmetries in the body. if you notice that one side or muscle is significantly stronger, weaker or the body is out of alignment try to figure out where the problem is coming from. if you are uncertain where the problem is stemming from just email or call and i'm happy to assess you to determine where the imbalances are and give you specific exercises to do to work towards balancing them out. most likely if you don't balance them out they will cause you pain or injury in the future. If you have pain somewhere now its probably due to an imbalance or asymmetry that has been around for a while. we can check it all out and determine the problem- not just get rid of symptoms!!

so this is the smoothie i'm sipping on right now. especially after being away for the weekend and not having my vitamix with me i was soooo psyched to make a totally nutrient-dense smoothie today!! so i walked in the door from my workout and took a sip of coconut water and then ate about 30 chlorella tablets while i made this smoothie. i totally just through everything in that i wanted to get to my cells asap!!!!

8 ounces coconut water
8 ounce cold gynostemma tea
2 tbsp goji berries
1/3 cup blue berries
1/3 cup strawberries
1/3 cup raspberries
1 big ripe banana
2 huge handfuls of spinach - its the only fresh green in the house!! i'm going grocery shopping today!!
2 heaping tbsps pure synergy greens
1 big scoop sun warrior protein
1 tbsp barley grass powder
1 tbsp lecithin
1 tsp bee pollen
1 tbsp acai powder
1 tbsp tocotrienols
1 tsp hemp seeds
1 tsp blue manna
3 droppers ionic minerals
crystal energy
1 dropper vanilla stevia
1 tbsp dulse

its soooooo creamy and delicious!! the lecithin and tocotrienols make it very creamy!!

Don't forget to rebound today!! it is one of the best things you can do for your body and your lymph system. the lymph system helps to remove toxins from the body. i plan to rebound after the grocery store today!! i'm sure owen will join me!!

have a wonderful day!! kelly

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gnosis Chocolates!!!

ok- so i ate two raw vegan gnosis chocolate bars for lunch today. i was at a fabulous continuing education course and i love eating light and very energizing foods when i'm doing exercise/movement all day. these chocolate bars put me on a total high plus i enjoyed every amazing bite!!! i've tried many of their chocolate bars and i have not had one that i did not like yet. when you are wanting a sweet treat or to splurge go for Gnosis!!

the course i was at was Great Lakes Seminars Functional Exercise. i highly recommend it for all PTs out there!! Patrick was a great energizing instructor who is passionate about what he does. i love people who are passionate about what they do!! Thanks!!

time for bed!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

One of the Best Days!!

Today was just a fabulous day!! i decided to sleep in to get a couple hours extra zzzzzs and then i was up at 6:30 to make the green juice. chlorella tablets and green juice nourished owen and i and the boys also had a big bowl of raw dehydrated cereal and mango.

one of my fave raw cereals!!

off to school for mason and to mommy and me for owen and i. next, is where my day went sky high. owen and i went to equinox so i could workout and he got to play at the kid zone- which he loves!! i could have worked out for hours today. it was just a high energy day where i could feel everything very precisely in my body. my breath was connected to each movement and i was soooo energized by my music. i did my cardio to (elliptical and intervals on the treadmill- 50 minutes total) The Sundays. The Sundays are a band i loved in college and it totally takes me back to that time. i was living in an apartment in center city philly and just young and free!! even in those days i was obsessed with movement. i would ride the bike trails around the art museum area in philly and there was a pilates/yoga/body rolling studio on walnut street (i think it was walnut street) that i would frequent!! at that time i would also frequent a little bar on green street so i was not as pure as i am now- thinking back to this made me laugh!! my favorite drink was kahlua and creams. for my strength training session i listened to Mat Kearney which totally energized me!!
Next, owen and i headed to puree because i wanted to stock up on some awesome Gnosis chocolate to take on my trip this weekend. i'm away this weekend for a physical therapy continuing education course in pennsylvania which i'm totally looking forward too. not only will it be an awesome course but i get a quiet night in a hotel by myself- yeh!! my plan for after the course on saturday is gym for a workout, sauna, shower, read and to bed early!! at puree owen enjoyed an almond milk, banana and berry smoothie. plus, we saw a friend at puree and enjoyed some great conversation. i love puree. it is a place that serves drinks and foods that nourish me plus it is a totally cool place to sit and meet with friends!! next, we went walking around bethesda in the rain to do a few errands. it was such a free feeling just walking in the rain with no umbrellas. owen was sipping on his smoothie, i was sipping on my tea and the rain was just falling down!!
next into the car and off to my organic market to stock the house with food for my men this weekend. today is an ice cream day for me so i'm indulging in my cashew creamery chocolate ice cream.

i also had a raw vegan truffle. i can only eat one of these because they are very rich!!

the night was filled with fun with the family including games, reading, tickling, basketball and more...

so what do i take to eat when i'm traveling. check out some of the things i'm taking so i know i will be prepared no matter what the eating situation is there.
i'm taking lots of kale chips if i want something salty and crunchy. if i can find any organic veggies i will eat organic veggies with kale chips for a meal.

if i'm in the mood for chocolate or just want a little kick of caffeine during the course i will go for my gnosis chocolate bars!!

you can never go wrong with goji berries. this brand is the best. they are soft and you can eat them right out of the bag. sometimes i will soak them in water and drink the goji water and then eat the soaked berries.

i've actually never tried this bar but it is a sesame seed sea veggie bar. we'll see if i try it or not.

i'm not a big fan of energy bars but i'm taking them just in case.

love these. these are nori rolls with a savory nut/seed pate inside.

i'm taking some of my jing tonic mixture and gynostemma tea so i can shake it up if i want some tonic energy.

i also plan on taking some of my sun warrior protein and coconut water so i can shake up a quick protein shake if needed. tonight i'm juicing up loads of green juice and will keep that in a cooler for all day tomorrow. i will of course take my chlorella tablets too.

time to go prepare my juice for tomorrow.

have a fabulous weekend.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Nourishing Day!!!

it was a wonderful day with the boys and my mom today. my mom is visiting and it just adds to the fun and excitement!!!
i woke early to get to the gym before anyone was up!! i love it. at the gym by 5am and home by 6:45 before anyone woke!! i made my green juice and started making the kale chips before i heard the little foot steps coming down the stairs at 7:30!!
today's green juice!! when i'm at home i love drinking my green juice out of a nice glass. it gives it a more relaxing feel!!

loads of kale
loads of parsley
apple, lemon and ginger
**today was grocery shopping day so i used the last of all the greens!!!

i love grocery shopping day!! check out what my counter is filled with!!

loads of mango
i always have ripe avocados and unripe ones that will be ripe in a few days.
loads of bananas that i let turn almost brown and then freeze for smoothies.
loads of lemons for juices, dressings, lemon water
loads of ginger for juices, dressings, soups and more...
sometimes i also have pears, papaya, tomatoes etc...

my kitchen was filled with kale for my kale chips!! when i make kale chips i make a huge batch. they still only last 1 week if that but i fill two nine-tray dehydrators.

i know i say this all the time but my kale chips are sooooo amazingly fabulous when you eat them right out of the dehydrator and they are still warm. i love placing any of my cold salads on a warm crisp kale chip and eating the whole thing together!! it is one of my favorite meals.
my salad today:
sunflower sprouts
baby spinach
raw fermented kim chi
dulse, kelp
lemon juice

tonight we did an energizer smoothie for the boys. this is what they included in their smoothie:
almond milk
raw meal
sun warrior vanilla protein powder
sunflower seed butter
cacao nibs
udo's choice oil
a few ice cubes
**they love this smoothie and it is loaded with nutrients!!

namaste, kelly

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Delish and Nourishing Tonic!!!

today was an action packed day- as usual with two little boys!! i decided to do a very simple drinking/eating day.

after a great equinox workout i nourished myself with my green juice, vitamin supplements, crystal energy, omica minerals and chlorella tablets.
green juice today:

alfalfa sprouts
pea sprouts

i drank simple teas this afternoon: gynostemma tea, rooibos tea and pau d'arco.

my favorite drink of the day today was my tonic!!!

gynotstemma spring dragon tea!!
dandy blend tea
a variety of herbs including: he shou wu , morinda, cistance, eucommia, rehmannia, cordyceps, bupluerem and dragon bone, shilajit
dash sea salt
coconut oil
toffee stevia

i made a fresh hot glass of gynostemma tea, added other ingredients and blended till it was frothy!! oh my gosh!!! it was sooooo refreshing. first i made a 10 ounce cup and then i went back and made another 16 ounce cup!! hello did i have energy!! i totally felt like i was on caffeine!! for coffee lovers i swear this tastes just like coffee!! you can add cacao for a mocha coffee too.

This tonic is a Jing City Tonic. You can buy it packaged as one at it now comes in a glass container but here is a bag of it.

tonight i had a pre-cleanse workshop at puree and i had a delish smoothie. i'm not 100% certain of ingredients but i think it was:
carrot juice
orange juice
coconut meat
i loved the chunks of coconut meat which gave me something to chew.

now i'm sipping on my kombucha tea!!

tomorrow is a kale chip making day!! yummy!!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Not Tuna Pate Nori Rolls and more..

Today was a fabulous Friday!! Beautiful weather, lots of outdoor activity and a delicious and nutritious lunch with Owen!! Today owen and I had our mommy and me montessori class, ventured to my organic market for our nourishment for the weekend and then off to visit a few potential summer camps for owen for the summer. We got to play on lots of playgrounds today during our visits and soak up the vitamin D from the sun!! i loved today's weather- a little crisp but sunny and bright.
today we made not-tune pate sushi rolls!! i love using any pate in nori rolls. Nori is a great substitute for people trying to get away from typical bread, its loaded with minerals and its delicious too. owen is a fabulous helper and we work on kitchen skills and cleaning up skills everyday.
Soaked and rinsed almonds and sunflower seeds.

Process nuts, seeds and a little water. Transfer processed nuts and seeds to other bowl.

owen helped to chop up all ingredients: celery, parsley, onion.

we added the other ingredients too: lemon juice, dill, sea salt, dulse.

owen worked on his measuring skills.

we mixed it all up in the bowl.

Now time for the fun!! time to make the nori rolls!!

spread pate on 1/2 of nori sheet.

add sunflower sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and raw fermented carrots.

owen munched on the fermented carrots while we created our nori rolls.

roll it up!!

how delicious does this look!!

owen loved every bite!!

next we decided to place some pate in a bowl and add sliced avocado and nutritional yeast and then place that on squares of nori and enjoy like a taco. this was my favorite way to eat the pate today!!

owen worked hard to get the pate mixture into the nori without it falling out. he did a great job!! he loves nutritional yeast so he covered each bite with loads of it!!

again, he enjoyed every bite!!

we sat together at the counter and chatted over our lunch. we talked about school and the work activities he did. we sang the "turtle" song which he can't stop singing. we talked about colors and numbers and sooooo much more!! finally, it was time to clean up. he loves to help me vaccuum.

here is the complete recipe for the pate:

1 ½ cups almonds, soaked for 24 hours, rinsed and drained
1 cup sunflower seeds, soaked for 4-6 hours, rinsed and drained
½ cup purified water, as needed
½ cup minced celery
½ cup minced red onion
½ cup minced parsley
1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tbsp kelp powder
1 ½ tsp fresh dill weed or 1 tsp dried
½ tsp salt

It was a fabulous afternoon with owen!! i love to take my time to prepare a meal, slowly eat it and enjoy the person (or people) i'm with. i'm grateful for moments like these!!