Saturday, February 27, 2010

Traveling in the Raw

i often get the question "how do you stick with eating raw living foods even when you are on trips or out and about all day?" the key is to BE PREPARED. Today my husband, kids and I took a trip down to the Natural History Museum to see the Dinosaurs (it was dinosaur week at mason's school) and i knew we were going to be out all day so i had to be prepared.

As usual i woke early to make my green juice for the day. i went to my yoga class, took mason to karate and when we returned drank my green juice. now it was time to pack up for the dinosaur adventure.

For the kids i took a variety of snacks: carrots, apples, red peppers, date/oatmeal/raisen balls) and green smoothies that i made earlier in the morning.

For myself i took:

large bowl of sprouts including alfalfa, sunflower and broccoli with fresh squeezed lemon juice

big bowl of raw fermented sauerkraut- i make sure to get fermented foods into my diet every day!!

large cut up red pepper- this may have been the sweetest and juiciest red pepper ever!! mason shared it with me and he had red juice running down his mouth.
bag of carrots- i love the sweet carrots with the salty sauerkraut.
bag of lydia's organic green crackers- dehydrated crackers are easy to travel with! i like to eat dehydrated crackers with hydrating foods such as fresh veggies, sprouts, salads etc to rehydrate them. the added hydration makes them easier to digest.

some other tips and ideas for traveling raw:

-take avocado and sprouted nuts and seeds- they are easy to add to salads you get at any restaurant
-cut up raw veggies with a dip like zucchini hummus is simple and easy to take anywhere
-i have two large coolers that i take places when i'm going to be out all day- even if its just to the park. so get some coolers that you can keep in your car and fill them with yummy raw fruits, veggies, juices and smoothies.
-plan to juice for a day and juice enough in the morning to last you all day
-take nut milk smoothies or green smoothies and store them in your cooler
-make dehydrated nutrient-dense cookies for snacks for you and the kids while you are traveling.

all of these ideas will help you keep up your energy while you are exploring the world!!

We had a fabulous day and stayed nourished all day long!!!

Be Well, kelly

Simple Arame Sprout Salad

Hi everyone,

This week was a very busy week but busy with amazing events. I had two big raw food events. Tuesday night i had my "Intro to Raw Foods Workshop/Food Prep Class" and wednesday i catered a small event for a women's book club. the catering event included a 30 minute talk on the benefits of raw foods. i love connecting with small groups of women and introducing them to the Raw Living Foods Lifestyle.

My "Simple Arame Sprout Salad" is so easy, delicious and nutrient-dense. i demonstrated this at my raw foods class, prepared it for the catered event wednesday night and made it for myself and some other moms on friday- everyone loves it!!! You have to try it!!

1 bag arame- soaked 10-15 minutes and rinsed
1 box sunflower sprouts
1 large handful mung bean sprouts
1 tbsp tahini
1 tbsp chickpea miso- South River Co.

Whisk together tahini, miso and water (if you want a thicker sauce add less water)
Place arame and sprouts in bowl and mix with dressing.

i also like to add spirulina to the dressing or sprinkle it on top of the salad!!

Enjoy this salad by itself, on dehydrated crackers, wrapped in romaine or collard leaves, wrapped in nori or place it on green salads or sprout salads. Its also yummy with raw fermented sauerkraut.

i love eating this salad with Lydia's Organic Luna Nori Crackers!!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pics from "Intro to Raw Foods Class"

Thanks everyone for a wonderful Raw Living Foods Class. i am so very grateful to be able to do the work i love. i love inspiring others to live well and have fun while doing it. here are just a few of the yummy treats i demonstrated and discussed for the class:

My Daily Green Energy Juice- gotta have your daily plant blood!!

Nutrient-Dense Essential Sprouts- Eat sprouts Daily!!

A variety of pates: sun-dried tomato, almond ginger, curry and more...

Raw Fermented Sauerkraut- soooooo yummy and key for a healthy immune system!!!

Energy Balls with Sprouted Buckwheat

Fig Oatmeal Raisen Cookies

Nori bites: Almond Ginger pate on nori sheets dehydrated for a few hours

Dehydrated Crackers: sundried tomato/flax and green sunflower seed/flax

and these were just a few of the nutritious and delicious foods that participants got to enjoy!!

Be well and i hope to see you at my next workshop/class!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowy Days & Warming Raw Living Foods

I hope everyone is enjoying the amazing snow!!! the boys and i have been having sooo much fun playing and sledding in the snow. see pics above!! i love weather like this because it gives me an excuse to relax and just be cozy inside with my family. i love putting on my cozy pants and sweater and knowing that i will be snugly and warm all day. eating a primarily raw living foods diet can be tough for some people during the cooler winter months. when its cold outside you think about steaming cups of hot cocoa, hot soups and dense cozy foods like fresh warm breads and cereals or bowls of hot oatmeal. i look forward to my "warming" foods when i come in from a day of playing in the snow. here are a few ideas to stay warm and cozy during the snowy days of winter:

-take your food out of the refrigerator so it is at least room temperature before you eat it. i take my juices out of the refrigerator at least one hour before i want to drink them.

-prepare raw soups in your vitamix or any high-powedered blender and then warm them on the stove to below 118 degrees. my go-to winter hearty soup is blended zucchini, red pepper, tomato, lots of greens and sprouts as the base of the soup. i place it on the stove and add raw fermented sauerkraut and loads of sea veggies including strips of nori. finally, i add slices of avocado and a sprinkle of sea salt. this is such a satisfying warming soup.

-warm foods by blending them longer in the vitamix. when i make my nut milk shakes i blend them for a while to get them warm. this also make them frothy which i love!! my favorite right now is a combo of almond or cashew milk, sun warrior vanilla protein, a little maca and bee pollen. if i want a hot cocoa sensation i will add carob and place the mixture on the stove for a few minutes. this creates a thick rich satisfying drink!! sooo yummy!!

-right now i'm also loving "manna" bread. this is not a truly 100% raw product and it does contain wheat but it is made of sprouted grains, nuts, seeds and fruits. it is cake-like and very dense. i like to put it in the dehydrator briefly to warm it up. take your time and remember to chew your food well. my favorite is the sunflower seed!!!

-another meal that i had not eaten for a long long time but takes me back to childhood is a bowl of warm cereal with bread and jam. so i recreated this sensation with a healthy version. i used lydia's organic raw cereal with almond milk. i blended my almond milk with two dates and warmed it on the stove before pouring it over the cereal. i let it sit for a little to soften the cereal. then i spread some blended apricots on my raw seed bread. the best was dipping the bread and spread into the warm cereal. this was a fabulous meal that took me back to childhood!! of course this is not something i would eat daily because it is very dense and does not provide me with optimal energy. but wow it was satisfying at the moment.

-sprouted grain bread sandwiches can be a hearty meal in the winter. i warm the bread in the dehydrator and spread avocado on both slices. next sprinkle a little himalayan sea salt, dulse, kelp and sea lettuce. add loads of alfalfa sprouts and broccoli sprouts (or any sprouts you love) and strips of nori. i love this combo right now. i eat it will a big bowl of radishes,carrots and red peppers. sooo refreshing and filling.

-start everyday with a mug of warm water with lemon!!! have a cup of tea between meals or at the end of the day. teas to try include: goji, rooibos, pau d'arco and ginger.

so these are some ideas to keep you eating raw living foods even on the snowy cold days!!!

stay warm and be well, kelly

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Detox Day and Connections

what an amazing day. days like today make me appreciate everything i have and everyone in my life. I notice that days that i cleanse and detox i feel very connected- connected in all areas of life- my yoga practice, my interactions with my kids, my relationships with clients, my inner thoughts and desires, my creativity and more. when you detox and cleanse you have more energy to put towards living life optimally because your body, mind and spirit are not spending the energy digesting foods.

i cleansed yesterday and today by doing:

warm water and lemon
kombucha tea
green juices
almond milk, sun warrior protein powder and bee pollen smoothie (i add this because my goal is not to lose weight and i need more calories at this time)

today was an amazing overall wellness day too:

woke early to make my green juice and nutmilk for the day
drank my kombucha tea while working with clients
my yoga class today was a wall class and this is a great way to really get connected with each pose. you know you are connected when you feel "light" in the poses. we worked alot of upper body strength with headstands, handstands, crow, twisting crow- they are very energizing.
next i saw my bodywork professional who has been working on structurally realigning areas of my body. today we worked on opening up my shoulders and releasing my neck and jaw. wow!! i felt light and open walking out of her office.
next i drank my green juice while organizing work papers and doing emails.
back to the studio to see clients
sipped on my almond milk smoothie while working with clients
had an energizing meeting regarding a project i'm involved with that you will all hear about soon- it has to do with my GREEN JUICES!!!
tonight i had my third colonic out of my series of three that i do seasonally. i suggest that everyone try this if you have not already. i know its not for everyone but it is sooo healthy for you. Remember that if your colon is filled with stuff you will not be able to assimilate nutrients. so occasionally you need to get things cleaned out.
then i ended the day with another kombucha tea, spirulina and chlorella.

WOW do i feel refreshed and rejuvenated

so my advice to everyone is to take the time and energy to cleanse the body, mind and spirit so that you can truly connect with yourself and the world around you. Live every day like it is your last. live every moment like it is the last.

be well, kelly