Saturday, February 27, 2010

Traveling in the Raw

i often get the question "how do you stick with eating raw living foods even when you are on trips or out and about all day?" the key is to BE PREPARED. Today my husband, kids and I took a trip down to the Natural History Museum to see the Dinosaurs (it was dinosaur week at mason's school) and i knew we were going to be out all day so i had to be prepared.

As usual i woke early to make my green juice for the day. i went to my yoga class, took mason to karate and when we returned drank my green juice. now it was time to pack up for the dinosaur adventure.

For the kids i took a variety of snacks: carrots, apples, red peppers, date/oatmeal/raisen balls) and green smoothies that i made earlier in the morning.

For myself i took:

large bowl of sprouts including alfalfa, sunflower and broccoli with fresh squeezed lemon juice

big bowl of raw fermented sauerkraut- i make sure to get fermented foods into my diet every day!!

large cut up red pepper- this may have been the sweetest and juiciest red pepper ever!! mason shared it with me and he had red juice running down his mouth.
bag of carrots- i love the sweet carrots with the salty sauerkraut.
bag of lydia's organic green crackers- dehydrated crackers are easy to travel with! i like to eat dehydrated crackers with hydrating foods such as fresh veggies, sprouts, salads etc to rehydrate them. the added hydration makes them easier to digest.

some other tips and ideas for traveling raw:

-take avocado and sprouted nuts and seeds- they are easy to add to salads you get at any restaurant
-cut up raw veggies with a dip like zucchini hummus is simple and easy to take anywhere
-i have two large coolers that i take places when i'm going to be out all day- even if its just to the park. so get some coolers that you can keep in your car and fill them with yummy raw fruits, veggies, juices and smoothies.
-plan to juice for a day and juice enough in the morning to last you all day
-take nut milk smoothies or green smoothies and store them in your cooler
-make dehydrated nutrient-dense cookies for snacks for you and the kids while you are traveling.

all of these ideas will help you keep up your energy while you are exploring the world!!

We had a fabulous day and stayed nourished all day long!!!

Be Well, kelly

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