Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Detox Day and Connections

what an amazing day. days like today make me appreciate everything i have and everyone in my life. I notice that days that i cleanse and detox i feel very connected- connected in all areas of life- my yoga practice, my interactions with my kids, my relationships with clients, my inner thoughts and desires, my creativity and more. when you detox and cleanse you have more energy to put towards living life optimally because your body, mind and spirit are not spending the energy digesting foods.

i cleansed yesterday and today by doing:

warm water and lemon
kombucha tea
green juices
almond milk, sun warrior protein powder and bee pollen smoothie (i add this because my goal is not to lose weight and i need more calories at this time)

today was an amazing overall wellness day too:

woke early to make my green juice and nutmilk for the day
drank my kombucha tea while working with clients
my yoga class today was a wall class and this is a great way to really get connected with each pose. you know you are connected when you feel "light" in the poses. we worked alot of upper body strength with headstands, handstands, crow, twisting crow- they are very energizing.
next i saw my bodywork professional who has been working on structurally realigning areas of my body. today we worked on opening up my shoulders and releasing my neck and jaw. wow!! i felt light and open walking out of her office.
next i drank my green juice while organizing work papers and doing emails.
back to the studio to see clients
sipped on my almond milk smoothie while working with clients
had an energizing meeting regarding a project i'm involved with that you will all hear about soon- it has to do with my GREEN JUICES!!!
tonight i had my third colonic out of my series of three that i do seasonally. i suggest that everyone try this if you have not already. i know its not for everyone but it is sooo healthy for you. Remember that if your colon is filled with stuff you will not be able to assimilate nutrients. so occasionally you need to get things cleaned out.
then i ended the day with another kombucha tea, spirulina and chlorella.

WOW do i feel refreshed and rejuvenated

so my advice to everyone is to take the time and energy to cleanse the body, mind and spirit so that you can truly connect with yourself and the world around you. Live every day like it is your last. live every moment like it is the last.

be well, kelly

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Rebecca said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your inspiring blog! Can you recommend a local (DC/MD) practitioner for colonics?