Saturday, October 29, 2011

National Chocolate Day!!!!

Today is National Chocolate Day- who knew!!

Just another reason to indulge in some chocolates. i'm always working on the exact recipes for Juc'd (which is opening beginning of December)and today was not different. i played with lots of tonic ice creams- one of my faves is the Pumpkin Spirulina. i think i perfected it even more today!!

Back to chocolates. My latest chocolate find is Lulu's Chocolates!! if you have not tried you must try them and my fave is the Maca Crunch. i will be carrying them at Juc'd too!!

Back to my cozy day inside with my family!!

enjoy and see you all soon at Juc'd!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mason's B-day Weekend and Vegan B-day Cake

It was a fabulous action-packed weekend!!
mason's cousin mathew stayed for the weekend. they always have a blast together!!

he got a TAG map from his mom mom and pop pop. i love educational gifts!!

They loved every bite of real pizza!!

we rode the cabin john halloween train!!

he had his b-day party with loads of his friends at silver star gymnastics. loads of activity and an amazing chocolate vegan cake that all the kids ate up!!

they had a huge moon bounce train with sliding board. the kids loved it.

B-day parties are of course a time to celebrate but they teach kids sooo much more. For example we got these great curious george thank you notes that we will use to thank each guest.

they did the classic parachute. owen loved it too.

finally the amazing vegan curious george cake done by rachel merga!! she is amazing!!

mason with his "girlfriend" sasha!!

i'm grateful to everyone who came to celebrate mason's 5th b-day today!! thanks!!


Saturday, October 22, 2011


soooo many fabulous things happening. Juc'd- Superfood Juice, Tonic and Raw Food Bar and Education Center is opening end of November. Get ready it will be amazing!!! juices, cleanse programs, workshops and much more!! it's just the beginning of an amazing journey.

i have not been staying current in all areas of social media but i will be back in action once juc'd details are complete- i only have so many hours to get it all done!!

i've been taste-testing some amazing raw vegan chocolates and today i tested the best so far- Lulu'a chocolates- chocolate maca chunk!! oh my gosh it was out of this world satisfying on all levels!!

Mason's fifth b-day was wednesday and tomorrow is his big b-day party. check out some pics from the last few days.

My friend and colleague, rachel merga, made these amazing vegan cupcakes for mason to take to class. Mason is loving Curious George right now so the theme for this years b-day festivities is all curious george!!

owen loved them too!!

After school on mason's b-day i took the boys bowling. they had a blast!!

they rode motorcycles too.

at the end of the day they cuddled up in their new froggy and shark towels with their names on.

mason loved his monkey pajama pants from his great grandmother!!

i'm extremely grateful for every moment with the boys!! every thing i do impacts who they are and i want them to be the most independent and confident individuals possible. i love them!! truly connect with your kids and the people in your lives!!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Patch and Raw Vegan Pumpkin Spirulina Ice Cream

I just returned from the Longevity Now Conference in California. It was beyond amazing!! 5 days of amazing information, food, networking and more. i love surrounding myself with likeminded passionate people!!
since getting back i couldn't wait to spend lots of quality time with mason and owen. today we had a blast at the pumpkin patch. check out the pics.

i've been addicted to an amazing Pumpkin Spirulina Ice Cream. i can't share my exact recipe because there is no doubt we will be serving this one at Juc'd. yes- i'm opening an Organic Juice, Tonic and Raw Food Bar and Education Center in December of this year. i'm very excited to share my passion with many more people!! pass the word. website will be!!! i'll keep you posted on the details.

here are the ingredients to the pumpkin spirulina ice cream:
vanilla protein powder
pumpkin seed oil
vanilla stevia
soy or sunflower lecithin (non-gmo)
coconut oil
pumpkin pie spice optional
a dash of a few other superfoods

blend all this up in vitamix and you have an amazing creamy nutrient-dense treat.
i'll take pics next time i make it!!
enjoy the beautiful weekend!!


i've been eating this almost every day lately and its amazing!!!