Saturday, October 22, 2011


soooo many fabulous things happening. Juc'd- Superfood Juice, Tonic and Raw Food Bar and Education Center is opening end of November. Get ready it will be amazing!!! juices, cleanse programs, workshops and much more!! it's just the beginning of an amazing journey.

i have not been staying current in all areas of social media but i will be back in action once juc'd details are complete- i only have so many hours to get it all done!!

i've been taste-testing some amazing raw vegan chocolates and today i tested the best so far- Lulu'a chocolates- chocolate maca chunk!! oh my gosh it was out of this world satisfying on all levels!!

Mason's fifth b-day was wednesday and tomorrow is his big b-day party. check out some pics from the last few days.

My friend and colleague, rachel merga, made these amazing vegan cupcakes for mason to take to class. Mason is loving Curious George right now so the theme for this years b-day festivities is all curious george!!

owen loved them too!!

After school on mason's b-day i took the boys bowling. they had a blast!!

they rode motorcycles too.

at the end of the day they cuddled up in their new froggy and shark towels with their names on.

mason loved his monkey pajama pants from his great grandmother!!

i'm extremely grateful for every moment with the boys!! every thing i do impacts who they are and i want them to be the most independent and confident individuals possible. i love them!! truly connect with your kids and the people in your lives!!


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