Friday, July 16, 2010

Day After 3-Day Juice Cleanse

hope everyone is staying cool on this amazingly hot day!! so i finished my three day juice cleanse which felt wonderful. during the cleanse i felt light and energetic. this morning i woke with just sooo much energy and a feeling of lightness!!!-i love that feeling. day 2 i did my green juice all day and grapes at night and day three i did green juice all day, watermelon late afternoon and cantaloupe early evening. i blended my cantaloupe which i love!! its like a creamy smoothie!! so today was my first eating day after my cleanse. it is important to eat light. my daily rituals today:

wake 5 (just before the earthquake!!!)
make my green juice
prepare kale salad and sea veggies for the day
GT kombucha Green Drink
pool with kids/playdate
green juice with supplements
green juice
raw fermented sauerkraut and veggies
big bowl of kelp noodles, arame, sea veggie spagettie, kale salad with red pepper with dressing of tahini, miso, orange juice, sea salt, lemon juice, garlic and ginger. all of this mixed together with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top. this was so yummy!!! i ate it very slow and focused on chewing!! Chewing well is very important to proper digestion.
now i'm drinking a gingerberry GT kombucha tea

the kids also love the dinner i prepared. they call the nutritional yeast their cheese!! i just made the boys a shake of: banana, blueberries, date, almond butter, water, sun warrior brown rice protein powder and ground flax seed. owen always loves his shake but mason is in a phase where he does not always want one- but he loved this one!!!

be well and stay cool!!! kelly

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get Juiced!!!!

thanks for all the emails today and i'm happy to hear that you are all inspired to cleanse too. My daily rituals today:

wake at 4:30
make my green juice
GTs kombucha tea while seeing working with clients
yoga class
green juice with supplements- multi, D2, b-complex, omega zen
green juice all afternoon (50 ounces total) while seeing clients
lots of oranges while kids ate dinner
GTs kombucha tea

it feels great to eat light all day. i will do similar daily rituals the next two days but will do grapes one night and watermelon another night. Yummy!!! i love when grapes are in season.

Eat Light and Feel Well!!! kelly

Monday, July 12, 2010

3-Day Juice Cleanse- Join Me!!!

Good evening everyone,

there are many times that i feel the need for a juice-cleanse. i juice-cleanse very often. i drink approximately 50 ounces of green juice everyday and then when i juice-cleanse i only drink green juices and other fluids or foods that are very light and easy to digest. there are many different reasons to cleanse but i often do it to give my digestive system a rest and allow my energy to be put forth towards other things- such as living life or thinking extremely clearly!!!
a great time to juice-cleanse is during transitions. i made the decision to not continue with Raw with a Twist because it was just taking too much time away from my own wellness, my kids, bradley wellness llc and life. in life we have to pick and choose what is most important to us. i feel it is important to choose what is most important and do those things well. i found myself not having enough time or energy to put my full effort into Raw with a Twist and therefore, it was not fulfilling.
I will continue with all bradley wellness, llc work- cleanses, workshops, raw food prep classes and even some raw food preparation for clients- but not on a large scale. i truly love all this work but there are only so many hours in the day and balance in my mind, body and spirit are needed. part of life is experimenting with different things and learning what works and does not work for you. the important thing is to recognize when change is needed and make that change.
so amidst this change i need to juice-cleanse. i would love for everyone to join me on this juice-cleanse. here is my plan for the next few days:

warm water with lemon, ginger and pinch of cayenne
kombucha tea- optional
yoga class
green juice with supplements (omega zen, multi, d3, b-complex)
green juice all afternoon
fruit- i will vary the fruit each night but will eat just one type of fruit each night- i may do: oranges, watermelon and grapes. these are my three favorites right now. i may do cantaloupe instead of oranges. i love blended cantaloupe!!
kombucha tea- optional
yoga, meditation and write in my journal

the basic green juice recipe i use is: celery, cucumber, sprouts- alfalfa, sunflower, pea, broccoli etc, all the organic greens at the market-cilantro, parsley, dandelion, spinach, kale, chard, romaine, etc, apples, lemon and ginger.

GT synergy kombucha tea is not on the shelves at all stores due to labeling issues. if you have access to it try it and see how you feel. people either love it or hate it. i love it and it makes me feel amazing!!!

email me if you are following the juice cleanse. i will be posting my fall class schedule soon. the first one will be a green juice cleanse class probably mid-september. hope everyone joins me!!!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yummy Raw Vegan Ice Creams

Summer is here and my latest obsession is experimenting with Raw Vegan Ice Creams- this is not a hard job!!! they are loaded with nutrients and made with ingredients that are easy to digest. most importantly they taste amazing and totally satisfy the sweet craving that we all get occasionally. Soon i will be posting details about our ice cream tasting event in Bethesda, MD. We will have other foods too but ice creams will be featured.

Here are my daily rituals today:

wake 4:30ish
make my green juice
my kombucha synergy tea is off the market right now and its driving me crazy!! i can't wait for it to come back!!!
water with lemon and dash of stevia or rooibos tea iced
worked with clients at studio
Green Juice with supplements: RAW multi, omega zen, D3, B-complex
drank Green juice while worked with clients all afternoon
home to mason and owen for dinner
Super Salad of massaged kale, chard, variety of greens/herbs, sprouts, arame, kelp, fermented sauerkraut, kale chips (these are sooo yummy and totally satisfy me with the crunch and cheesy flavor)
Lydias organic green crackers- shared with mason and owen
Iced lemon water with dash of stevia

Be Well!! Stay cool in this heat!!!