Saturday, January 30, 2010

Introduction to Raw Living Foods Workshop and Food Preparation Class

Join me for my, "Introduction to Raw Living Foods Workshop and Food Preparation Class."

In this workshop you will learn the basics of why raw living foods are beneficial for your health and how to incorporate them into your daily eating plan. You will learn about the nutritional benefits of the raw food diet including vitamins and phytonutrients, enzymes, water, proteins, fats, digestion, assimilation and elimination and acid-alkaline balance. You will learn what food groups and specific foods are most beneficial to eat and which ones are not so beneficial to eat. In addition you will learn where you get your protein on a raw food diet, food combining, weight maintenance and adapting to a raw food diet. Most importantly you will walk away with the knowledge of how to make raw food preparation simple and easy and incorporate it into your daily life.

You do not have to be 100% raw to benefit from the raw living foods diet. This class will teach you how to incorporate more raw living foods into your diet in the most simple and nutrient-dense way. This class is great for anyone wanting to improve their health through nutrition. The raw food diet has been shown to improve a variety of health conditions including diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight issues, skin issues and more. Raw living foods are used by athletes to improve their training and help the body in its repair processes. Start incorporating more raw foods into your infant, toddler and teens' diets. This class is great for parents who want to set a positive example and show their kids what and how to eat for life. Raw foods can help everyone increase their daily energy and feel more vibrant.

Foods that will be demonstrated and/or discussed include: raw nut and seed milks, green juices, juicing, smoothies, nuts and seeds, pates, marinated salads, soups, sprouts, sea veggies, fermented foods, wraps, superfoods, supplements, dehydrated foods such as crackers and cookies,
raw desserts and more.... Raw food resources will also be provided.

I graduated from The Living Light Culinary Institute in California and am a Certified Raw Living Foods Chef, Instructor and Educator.

You can learn more about me and my Nutrition and Raw Food services at

When: February 23, 2010
Where: 4604 Dorset Ave. Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Time: 5:30-8:00
Cost: $75.00
To register call or email Kelly Bradley. Space is limited so please register ASAP. Payment is required in advance to reserve your spot. Send check to 4406 Jones Bridge Road Bethesda, MD 20814
i hope to see you there!!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Wellness Rituals

January is almost over which means that many people's new years resolutions are starting to dissolve. i don't like the term "resolution" but no matter what you call it everyone makes new years goals, resolutions, changes etc. one of the best ways to be certain you accomplish your goals is to create daily rituals that support that long term goal or resolution. when i'm working with my patients and clients one of the most important things we talk about at each session is creating daily rituals that support the goals or changes. Daily rituals are individualized per person because each person has to look at their entire lifestyle to create daily rituals that work for them. most importantly you must enjoy and love each daily ritual.

i challenge you to take a look at your daily rituals and decide which ones are truly benefiting you and which are sabotaging your goals. but don't forget that you are not living just to reach a goal. you are living for each moment and you want to enjoy every moment of life. so create daily rituals that allow you to thrive and be happy in the NOW yet prosper in the future.

i always reevaluate my daily rituals and change them according to what is going on in my life at that time. I'm working on a few new business projects so i have reorganized some of my daily rituals to fit in time to accomplish my work goals. i've added some new wellness rituals including weekly manual bodywork, infrared sauna sessions and endermologie. i'm connecting with some amazing like-minded practitioners which always energizes me. i schedule in alone time with each of my boys because i feel that one on one time is very important.

in general my daily rituals are:

wake 5ish
drink warm water and lemon as i prepare my green juice

organize and play with the kids
sip on kombucha tea (i've been loving this lately)
work days i go to the studio to see patients and clients, other days i take mason to nursery school and have time to connect with owen, go to the market etc. i love going to the market. i can't wait for spring for the wonderful outdoor markets. even going to the market for me is a wellness ritual. i know everyone there and we are always talking nutrition and fresh organic foods and recipes.
9:30 yoga class everyday!! MY LOVE!!! it balances me mind body and spirit!!!

work days i go back to the studio to see patients and clients, other days i get work done while the boys are napping. when i'm home with the boys we always do some outdoor activity or playdate. i love getting them out in nature as often as

when i'm home with the boys this is my time to do some home-spa treatments like my avocado honey facial mask or jojoba oil hair treatment. i walk around the house with a green face!!!
prepare food with mason (owen just watches at this point) and eat a nutritious dinner
i finish eating for the day around 5pm (6 at the latest) so i have plenty of time for my food to digest which will allow me a full restorative night sleep.
get boys ready for bed, bedtime rituals
dry brushing and shower
some nights i'll do a little work
i write in my journal every night before bed.
mindful meditation- i reflect on the day and set intentions for the next day
deep breathing
to bed by 9pm most nights.

so that is an example of my daily rituals right now. if i'm working on a big project i fit in more time for work. if i feel i need more rest i will be sure to get more sleep or schedule a bliss day. you need to take responsibility for your overall wellness by creating daily rituals that nourish your needs.

Happy Daily Rituals!!! Be well, kelly