Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yummy Raw Vegan Ice Creams

Summer is here and my latest obsession is experimenting with Raw Vegan Ice Creams- this is not a hard job!!! they are loaded with nutrients and made with ingredients that are easy to digest. most importantly they taste amazing and totally satisfy the sweet craving that we all get occasionally. Soon i will be posting details about our ice cream tasting event in Bethesda, MD. We will have other foods too but ice creams will be featured.

Here are my daily rituals today:

wake 4:30ish
make my green juice
my kombucha synergy tea is off the market right now and its driving me crazy!! i can't wait for it to come back!!!
water with lemon and dash of stevia or rooibos tea iced
worked with clients at studio
Green Juice with supplements: RAW multi, omega zen, D3, B-complex
drank Green juice while worked with clients all afternoon
home to mason and owen for dinner
Super Salad of massaged kale, chard, variety of greens/herbs, sprouts, arame, kelp, fermented sauerkraut, kale chips (these are sooo yummy and totally satisfy me with the crunch and cheesy flavor)
Lydias organic green crackers- shared with mason and owen
Iced lemon water with dash of stevia

Be Well!! Stay cool in this heat!!!

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