Friday, February 24, 2012

One of the Best Days!!

Today was just a fabulous day!! i decided to sleep in to get a couple hours extra zzzzzs and then i was up at 6:30 to make the green juice. chlorella tablets and green juice nourished owen and i and the boys also had a big bowl of raw dehydrated cereal and mango.

one of my fave raw cereals!!

off to school for mason and to mommy and me for owen and i. next, is where my day went sky high. owen and i went to equinox so i could workout and he got to play at the kid zone- which he loves!! i could have worked out for hours today. it was just a high energy day where i could feel everything very precisely in my body. my breath was connected to each movement and i was soooo energized by my music. i did my cardio to (elliptical and intervals on the treadmill- 50 minutes total) The Sundays. The Sundays are a band i loved in college and it totally takes me back to that time. i was living in an apartment in center city philly and just young and free!! even in those days i was obsessed with movement. i would ride the bike trails around the art museum area in philly and there was a pilates/yoga/body rolling studio on walnut street (i think it was walnut street) that i would frequent!! at that time i would also frequent a little bar on green street so i was not as pure as i am now- thinking back to this made me laugh!! my favorite drink was kahlua and creams. for my strength training session i listened to Mat Kearney which totally energized me!!
Next, owen and i headed to puree because i wanted to stock up on some awesome Gnosis chocolate to take on my trip this weekend. i'm away this weekend for a physical therapy continuing education course in pennsylvania which i'm totally looking forward too. not only will it be an awesome course but i get a quiet night in a hotel by myself- yeh!! my plan for after the course on saturday is gym for a workout, sauna, shower, read and to bed early!! at puree owen enjoyed an almond milk, banana and berry smoothie. plus, we saw a friend at puree and enjoyed some great conversation. i love puree. it is a place that serves drinks and foods that nourish me plus it is a totally cool place to sit and meet with friends!! next, we went walking around bethesda in the rain to do a few errands. it was such a free feeling just walking in the rain with no umbrellas. owen was sipping on his smoothie, i was sipping on my tea and the rain was just falling down!!
next into the car and off to my organic market to stock the house with food for my men this weekend. today is an ice cream day for me so i'm indulging in my cashew creamery chocolate ice cream.

i also had a raw vegan truffle. i can only eat one of these because they are very rich!!

the night was filled with fun with the family including games, reading, tickling, basketball and more...

so what do i take to eat when i'm traveling. check out some of the things i'm taking so i know i will be prepared no matter what the eating situation is there.
i'm taking lots of kale chips if i want something salty and crunchy. if i can find any organic veggies i will eat organic veggies with kale chips for a meal.

if i'm in the mood for chocolate or just want a little kick of caffeine during the course i will go for my gnosis chocolate bars!!

you can never go wrong with goji berries. this brand is the best. they are soft and you can eat them right out of the bag. sometimes i will soak them in water and drink the goji water and then eat the soaked berries.

i've actually never tried this bar but it is a sesame seed sea veggie bar. we'll see if i try it or not.

i'm not a big fan of energy bars but i'm taking them just in case.

love these. these are nori rolls with a savory nut/seed pate inside.

i'm taking some of my jing tonic mixture and gynostemma tea so i can shake it up if i want some tonic energy.

i also plan on taking some of my sun warrior protein and coconut water so i can shake up a quick protein shake if needed. tonight i'm juicing up loads of green juice and will keep that in a cooler for all day tomorrow. i will of course take my chlorella tablets too.

time to go prepare my juice for tomorrow.

have a fabulous weekend.


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