Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Power Smoothie!!

Fabulous mind/body movement day. woke and did my morning yoga practice to connect me to my body and breath and set my intentions for the day. after my mommy and me class with owen i went to the studio and did a very focused deep core/pelvic alignment session of pilates and therapeutic exercises. Felt very connected all day!!

Today was a long day so i needed to eat light and keep energy up- as always really!! i drank lots of nourishing teas all morning, enjoyed every bite of a few ripe mangos and then sipped on my power smoothies the rest of the day- 48 ounces total!!
i'm on a mango kick right now!!

My power smoothie today:

coconut water
goji berries
sun warrior protein
blue manna
crystal energy
ionic minerals
pure synergy green powder
pomegranate powder
dash of stevia

have a wonderful night!! kelly

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