Monday, February 6, 2012

Spirulina Avocado Dressing and more...

this weekend was a no fruit / no sugar weekend. occasionally it is great to just cleanse yourself of all sugars. so what did i eat/drink????? I did lots of teas such as gynostemma, rooibos, pau d'arco, astragalus and even some green tea. i ate loads of veggies and salads and kale chips!! Here is a fabulous dressing that totally satisfies:

1.5 medium avocados
1.5 cups lemon juice (when i'm doing sugars i usually add in some orange juice to this too.
1 tbsp spirulina (you may want to start with less)
3 Tbsps hemp or flax oil (i like hemp the best)
1 tsp sea salt
dash cayenne pepper
1/3 cup water dependent upon consistency you desire!!

Blend all ingredients in vitamix blender and pour over salad of choice.

i love this dressing on a sprout salad filled with:

sunflower sprouts
alfalfa sprouts
pea greens
red peppers- diced
cucumber- diced
shake of dulse and kelp
fermented sauerkraut
*add sprinkle of hemp or pumpkin seeds on top!! DELISH!!!

raw fermented sauerkraut!!

one of owen's snacks today was coconut water and a vega bar

my husband is cleansing this week and one thing i put in his smoothies in addition to all of our smoothies is Raw Meal. It is a great raw vegan meal replacement!!

Enjoy!! kelly

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