Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Drink Juices and Smoothies!!!

Today was such a beautiful day!! my typical work day includes a variety of movement and nutrition clients. A topic that comes up with everyone is juicing!!! Juicing Juicing Juicing!! yes- i'm obsessed with juicing. When you juice fruits and vegetables you are getting rid of the fiber and therefore, filling your body with loads of nutrients that are easily assimilated directly into your blood and delivered to your cells. this is awesome!! yes- we need fiber too so you still need to eat salads with loads of veggies and make delicious and nutritious smoothies in the blender. i often get the question, "which is better- juices or smoothies?". my answer is, "both are fabulous!!". i suggest drinking juices in the morning because the body is still cleansing from the night before and then drinking smoothies, blended soups or eating salads and other whole foods in the afternoon when digestion is optimal. that said, you need to test out what works best for you. many of my clients prefer the smoothie in the morning because they need more substance first thing in the morning and then the juices as a mid-morning snack. Everyone is different so you need to find what works best for you.
today's Juice!!!

sunflower sprouts
alfalfa sprouts
broccoli sprouts
pea sprouts
dandelion greens
beet greens

in one batch i added ionic minerals and crystal energy and drank this one with my chlorella tablets.
in another batch i added spirulina!!
another batch i drank with my supplements- b-12, vit d3, b-complex, women's multi, calcium, dragon herb super pill, vit-c
all of these nutrients traveled directly to my cells to nourish my body!!

have a juicy day!!!


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