Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V-Day & Coffee Ice Cream!!!

i love special days. I see valentine's day as not only a day to let those you love know it but to reflect on everything and everyone you are grateful for. Don't forget to take time to appreciate yourself and reflect on why you love yourself- why you are grateful to be you, what kind things you do for others, what fabulous accomplishments you have had this year, etc.. if there are things that you see in yourself that you may want to improve upon or change, take the time to set an intention for tomorrow and make that change.
I started the day early with my green juice and e-3 live.

had a fabulous focused pilates session at balance studio today. i love going deep into the body and working precisely in regards to alignment and muscle activation. in my opinion there is no reason to exercise or move the body if you are going to do it incorrectly or without focus. some people are surprised when i tell them i do "gym" workouts such as lifting weights. the key is to apply the same concepts of mind/body exercise to your gym/weight-lifting workouts. We need to build muscle and bone density to keep the body balanced and strong.

Today's V-Day treat for the family is my Raw Vegan Coffee Ice Cream!! For anyone that loves the taste of coffee you must try Dandy Blend!! it is a perfect non-caffeinated coffee substitute and it totally makes my ice cream and coffee smoothies!! Raw Vegan Ice Creams are sooooo amazingly delicious, nutrient-dense and totally versatile!! look out for more posts with specific recipes!!

time for family fun!! kelly

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