Monday, February 20, 2012

Nourishing Day!!!

it was a wonderful day with the boys and my mom today. my mom is visiting and it just adds to the fun and excitement!!!
i woke early to get to the gym before anyone was up!! i love it. at the gym by 5am and home by 6:45 before anyone woke!! i made my green juice and started making the kale chips before i heard the little foot steps coming down the stairs at 7:30!!
today's green juice!! when i'm at home i love drinking my green juice out of a nice glass. it gives it a more relaxing feel!!

loads of kale
loads of parsley
apple, lemon and ginger
**today was grocery shopping day so i used the last of all the greens!!!

i love grocery shopping day!! check out what my counter is filled with!!

loads of mango
i always have ripe avocados and unripe ones that will be ripe in a few days.
loads of bananas that i let turn almost brown and then freeze for smoothies.
loads of lemons for juices, dressings, lemon water
loads of ginger for juices, dressings, soups and more...
sometimes i also have pears, papaya, tomatoes etc...

my kitchen was filled with kale for my kale chips!! when i make kale chips i make a huge batch. they still only last 1 week if that but i fill two nine-tray dehydrators.

i know i say this all the time but my kale chips are sooooo amazingly fabulous when you eat them right out of the dehydrator and they are still warm. i love placing any of my cold salads on a warm crisp kale chip and eating the whole thing together!! it is one of my favorite meals.
my salad today:
sunflower sprouts
baby spinach
raw fermented kim chi
dulse, kelp
lemon juice

tonight we did an energizer smoothie for the boys. this is what they included in their smoothie:
almond milk
raw meal
sun warrior vanilla protein powder
sunflower seed butter
cacao nibs
udo's choice oil
a few ice cubes
**they love this smoothie and it is loaded with nutrients!!

namaste, kelly

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