Friday, February 3, 2012

Change it up!!!

i'm the type of person that gets bored easily and enjoys new challenges and adventures. i'm the same with my daily rituals. as you can see there are certain essentials i do almost everyday: exercise, yoga, green juice, supplements, mindful meditation etc.. Well, there are times that i just want to change it up and be a little crazy!! this morning instead of my green juice i went for a starbucks green tea- totally crazy I know!! just call me wild. i have to admit i do love the feeling of caffeine. that little extra kick of energy. Since i don't do caffeine regularly when i do have it WOW- watch out!! i have crazy energy regularly let alone on caffeine. That said i am not saying caffeine is good for you (it totally kills your adrenals) or you should do it regularly. But i chose to be crazy today!!
i challenge you to change it up!! it could be changing up your exercise routine, your daily eating program, your daily work/hobbies, where you live or the friends you hang out with regularly. always know that change will only teach you more about yourself.
i'm in the process of learning about art and prints for my walls. i ventured to the frame store today with a friend (and expert in art) who educated me about what prints to buy, what frames to get and sooo much more. we previously bought some prints on-line and now it was time to learn the framing process. she is fantastic and has a great eye for modern design. i love simple modern design and decor. Simple, functional and smart!! i want my art to be the color that pops. so today was a great learning experience for me. Owen had fun too. he got to see, "Bob the Builder" at the frame store in action. he played with different rulers and got to see lots of different tools. they were so nice and welcoming to owen. they even gave him a book to take home. Everything can be a learning experience.

the boys changed it up today too. they started the day with coconut water instead of their almond milk or green juice. i keep this coconut water in the house but my favorite comes from an on-line source called Exotic Foods. the coconut water from exotic foods is not pasteurized and is loaded with nutrients and electrolytes. any coconut water you find in the grocery store has been pasteurized and therefore, is lacking in nutrients. I choose this brand from the store because it is the only organic brand you can find locally.

the boys doing their morning activity- coloring animal pictures and making art with their stamps- while eating their buckwheat pancakes, eggs and apples.

For lunch owen munched on hummus, lydia's organic green crackers and cucumbers and drank his green smoothie.

i made a sprout salad and ate it with cheesy kale chips. this is my favorite meal in the world!! i'm very aware of textures in my food and i love the crunch of the kale chips- totally satisfies me.

get out and enjoy the beautiful day!! namaste, kelly

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