Thursday, February 16, 2012

Massage & Mango Coconut Smoothie!!

Every other thursday i get a hour and a half massage with my fabulous massage therapist!! today was my day!! it totally rejuvenates my mind, body and spirit!! i suggest that everyone schedule bodywork into your schedule. if you don' schedule it it won't happen!!

my exercise/movement today included 1 1/2 hours at equinox doing cardio, weights, core, stretching and 30 minutes stability core/pelvic alignment pilates work.

here is what my little green juice morning cooler looked like today:

it contained 2 16 ounce green juices, 2 2ounce e-3 live shots, a baggie with all my supplements, my mineral drops and my crystal energy.

i'm totally addicted to mangos right now!! the boys and i ate at least 5 organic ripe mangos today plus we made a delish mango coconut smoothie.

1-2 ripe mangos
water and meat from one organic young coconut
small handful of cilantro
dash of noniland honey
handful of ice

off to bed!! kelly

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