Friday, February 10, 2012

Owen's 3rd B-Day/ Coffee Alternative / Colonics

Owen is 3 years old today!! i love birthdays!! they are the one day of the year that should be all yours and treated as a very special day. it is a time to look back and reflect on the past, be in the present and dream about the future (not necessarily for a three year old but for us).
the second i walked in from the gym this morning (6:45ish) mason was psyched to give owen his b-day present- The Lion King DVD. Mason was sooo excited to give him it!!

the boys feasted on mango, cantaloupe and buckwheat pancakes this morning!!

try this amazing coffee alternative

2 tbsp Dandy Tea or Teeccino
1.5 tbsp raw honey- noniland is the best!! or coconut sugar is great too.
2 tbsp hemp seeds
1 tsp organic vanilla bean
3 cups water
warm water to desired temperature and place in vitamix. Blend all ingredients. add 1 tbsp or more cacao if you want a mocha coffee!! this is energizing and delicious. add a tbsp of maca to make it even more energizing!!

Owen and i shared a fabulous day together today!! we started with our mommy and me class at beanstalk montessori where he just loves it all but especially "clean-up" time where the clean up cart comes out and he gets to wash the windows!! Next, was our adventure to ikea. he is such a little helper. he pushed one cart while i had another cart and we finished getting everything we need to redesign the boys rooms. actually i'm sure i'll be going back again. i use every chance i get to teach owen different skills and i had lots of teaching opportunities at ikea. After he took a little nap in the car we were off to the market to shop for some essentials- including a treat we shared as soon as we got home- cashew creamery raw vegan chocolate ice cream.

Owen's cousens are visiting for the weekend!! we celebrated with Mia's pizza and cupcakes (yes typical pizza and cupcakes).

after lots of running around and playing it was time to relax and watch The Lion King!!

on a totally different topic yesterday was my monthly colonic. i highly suggest you research and experiment with colonics. Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle internal bath using warm water that can help to eliminate stored fecal matter and toxic substances from the colon. some benefits from colonics includes clearer skin, more energy and mental clarity and more...

have a fabulous weekend. kelly

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