Sunday, February 19, 2012

Delish and Nourishing Tonic!!!

today was an action packed day- as usual with two little boys!! i decided to do a very simple drinking/eating day.

after a great equinox workout i nourished myself with my green juice, vitamin supplements, crystal energy, omica minerals and chlorella tablets.
green juice today:

alfalfa sprouts
pea sprouts

i drank simple teas this afternoon: gynostemma tea, rooibos tea and pau d'arco.

my favorite drink of the day today was my tonic!!!

gynotstemma spring dragon tea!!
dandy blend tea
a variety of herbs including: he shou wu , morinda, cistance, eucommia, rehmannia, cordyceps, bupluerem and dragon bone, shilajit
dash sea salt
coconut oil
toffee stevia

i made a fresh hot glass of gynostemma tea, added other ingredients and blended till it was frothy!! oh my gosh!!! it was sooooo refreshing. first i made a 10 ounce cup and then i went back and made another 16 ounce cup!! hello did i have energy!! i totally felt like i was on caffeine!! for coffee lovers i swear this tastes just like coffee!! you can add cacao for a mocha coffee too.

This tonic is a Jing City Tonic. You can buy it packaged as one at it now comes in a glass container but here is a bag of it.

tonight i had a pre-cleanse workshop at puree and i had a delish smoothie. i'm not 100% certain of ingredients but i think it was:
carrot juice
orange juice
coconut meat
i loved the chunks of coconut meat which gave me something to chew.

now i'm sipping on my kombucha tea!!

tomorrow is a kale chip making day!! yummy!!


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