Friday, August 5, 2011

Kid's Lemonade, Superfood Gelato and Captain America!!

hi everyone, The kids and I had adventures inside today- i am nursing a little cold. i decided to rest and rejuvenate. when i know my body is fighting something here are a few things i do- and i did them all today!!
i load up on fluids including warm water with lemon and cayenne, a variety of immune boosting teas and ginger tea, green juices, an elixir filled with ginger, cayenne, spearmint, tumeric and honey, another elixir filled with orange juice, scallions, ginger, lemon, parsley, celery and cucumber and lots of alkalized water with minerals. it felt great to only do light fluids most of the day. i take lots of vitamin D, C, echinaecia and elderberry. i also do droppers of cold and flu herbs, nasal wash, light movement, deep breathing, skin brushing, light trampoline and rest. It was a great day to rejuvenate my body and connect with my boys.
A regular drink for the kids lately are their lemonades made in the vitamix blender. we add the juice of many lemons, coconut water, a few drops of stevia, dash of dulse and dash of cayenne (very small). They love drinking them out of straws!

The kids had fun playing "restaurant". they were making smoothies and serving me food all afternoon. Mason just got a "captain america" constume and will not take it off. He is no longer mason bradley he is CAPTAIN AMERICA!! i love it.
mason and owen blending their smoothies

mason sweeping his restaurant floors

mason and owen making sandwiches for their customers

tonight we made a delicious superfood fruit gelato.

i made a big batch for owen, mason and I. in your vitamix blender add:
1/2 bag frozen organic mangos
1/2 bag frozen organic strawberries
1/2 bag frozen organic blueberries
2 scoops sun warrior vanilla protein
1 large tbsp lucuma
1 large tbsp mesquite
1 dropper vanilla stevia
use temper to blend till smooth. You need to use your muscles for this one!! sprinkle bee pollen and or hemp seeds on top!!

enjoy, kelly

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