Thursday, August 4, 2011

Juices and Raw Food in NY

good evening everyone!! just returned from NY where i feasted on fresh pressed juices and raw foods!! we walked the streets all day going from one juice bar and raw food cafe to the next. we ended our night at Organic Avenue for a fabulous class with Jason Wrobel on Tonic Elixirs and Ice Creams- and as many of you know i love experimenting with nutrient-dense elixirs and ice creams!!

tonight the boys and i splurged on all my leftovers from NY plus made a delicious thick and creamy coconut milk!! If you have not experimented with fresh young organic coconuts it is a must. buy a whole fresh organic young coconut. Crack it open using a hatchet or the bottom edge of your chef knife. you can sip the water right out of the coconut or combine the water with the meat of the coconut to make a thick and creamy coconut milk. I then combined lots of coconut meat with just a little coconut water to make a thicker milk. i added kefir starter and have it fermenting for a few hours to make a delicious coconut yogurt that i can enjoy tomorrow. i'll show pics tomorrow.

have a wonderful night, kelly

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