Monday, July 16, 2012

Not all smoothies are created equal!!!

ok- so i'm the first to admit that not all my creations come out tasting fabulous.  i made the worst smoothie this morning.  I really only changed up the protein i used but it left such an after taste that i really don't think i'll use it again.  It was a combination of hemp, e-3 and maca.  i honestly don't need these three things in one awful tasting protein powder because i eat hemp seeds and protein, e-3 live and maca almost daily.  But, i always like to try new things.  The smoothie would have tasted fabulous if i used sun warrior or even plain hemp.  Here is what i blended up:

14 ounces water
1 frozen banana
1 cup mixed berries
2 dates
3 leaves kale
2 big handfuls spinach
1 tsp cinnamon
2 scoops of the hemp, maca, e-3 protein powder

Tomorrow i will definitely go back to my sun warrior.  i think i'll use the pea protein tomorrow.  

Mondays are my day to get a lot of writing done.  i did a working lunch and ate my collard wraps dipped in spicy almond sauce from the other day.

Another day of biking!! i picked the boys up and we went biking around bethesda.  We dropped owen off at an appointment which meant mason and i had some freedom to bike the streets of bethesda.  it was soooo much fun.  it was the first time mason and i ventured on the busy sidewalks of bethesda as opposed to a trail.  He did amazing!! I was soooo proud.  He navigated the people walking, trash cans, dogs, holes and more.  He stopped at the corners and went at a good pace.  He hit a hole and fell down and got right back up.  It was a big day for him and i truly am very proud.

 Made a simple but delicious dressing for my dinner salad this evening:

I made a big batch so i can use it other times this week!!  

½ c acv
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup udo's choice oil
¼ cup coconut nectar
1-2 cloves garlic
1 cup fresh basil
Dash salt
Dash pepper 
optional- dash cayenne
optional- add a few dashes of spirulina either to the dressing or 

I poured this dressing over a bed of arugula, pea sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, garden mix from sunday market, carrots, dulse and fresh tomatoes from the market.  Very light and refreshing!!

My favorite evening snack is chlorella tablets and a kombucha!!!  I love munching on my chlorella and sipping my kombucha while i sit down to write my blog, respond to emails and get ready for the next day.

 Have a fabulous night!!    A little more work for me then off to bed!!  be well, kelly

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