Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Hour!!!

Happy Hour was soooo much fun with great people and fabulous delicious and nutritious drinks!!!  one reason i love the raw living foods lifestyle is because its creative.  It takes the foods of nature and turns them into unique masterpieces.  Of course i love raw living foods for all their nutrition and health benefits but i have fun with it because it is a way to be creative in living healthy every day!!  i don't believe that we all need to do 100% raw to be optimally healthy.  i feel that we can and should if we choose, include some cooked foods into our diet and we will still thrive.  More on this topic later....  Back to the fabulous drinks at happy hour.

Kelly's Detox Tonic!!  This was a "strong" drink but sooo cleansing.  This will be available the week of the 7-Day Detox which starts august 4th.

cucumber juice
wheatgrass juice
loads of ginger
loads of lemon

I loved the Lemon Basil Mint Granita.  It was fresh mint and basil blended with lemon, ice and agave.  I will totally recreate this at home using coconut nectar instead of agave.  
Above is my client and friend joann who has kicked buttocks with transitioning to a raw living foods lifestyle!!  Watch out for her testimonial.  She is living the life now with juicing, smoothies, sprouts, cultured foods and more and loving it!!  She feels and sees the difference every day!!  Thanks for coming joann!!!

Check out the Tropical Paradise!!!  Grapefruit and orange blended with frozen strawberries.  The grapefruit totally makes it taste like a real strawberry daiquiri!!  This drink took me back to my "drinkin days"!!  my favorite drink used to be Malibu and pineapple juice.  Used to go to a place where they served them in fish bowls- and i drank them up  like a fish.  Now, i can't remember the last time i had a real drink- even wine.  Its not because i have told myself "don't drink" - its just because i truly don't like the way it makes me feel while drinking and especially the day after.
Living a healthy, mindful lifestyle makes  you very aware of how your body feels and you get very sensitive to changes.  I like feeling 100% and above.  I want optimal energy every day to live a full present life.  I am perfectly fine with other people who choose to have some alcohol occasionally.  there are plenty of organic wines and healthier ways to enjoy the alcohol and not feel so bad the next day.  Future blog coming up will be on alternative hangover remedies!!  For now, one of the best things you can do is hydrate before and after- coconut water is fabulous for this!!!!

Can't forget the delish Kombucha from Capital Kombucha!!!
Thanks Puree for a fabulous night!!!!   One of the best parts about Happy Hour at Puree is that i can drink anything and enjoy!!  Plus i love being surrounded by others who are like-minded.  I don't think any one there was thinking "i can't wait to do a few real shots at the bar after this."  But maybe they were- who knows.  I know that gatherings like this are inspiring for everyone.  This is why i'm excited for our monthly potluck meet-ups!!!  The menu is building for the potluck so  make sure you email me if you are coming and also the recipe for what you will bring.  People were asking me last night what to bring.  It does not need to be a fancy gourmet raw meal. Just bring something you love.  here are some ideas: a fabulous salad with great dressing, nori sushi rolls with great dipping sauce, raw vegan pate wrapped in collard leaf, kale chips, dehydrated crackers, zucchini hummus with raw veggies, zucchini nooodles with marinara sauce or a blended raw soup.  have fun with it!!!

I here the boys waking now!!!  time to start fueling them for the day.  Joe and Mason are going to Baltimore for the big soccer game in Baltimore- Liverpool and i forget the other team.  They totally bond  watching soccer together and now they get to experience a game.  Arsenal is their favorite team.  I'm sure we'll be off to London at some point to watch a real game!!!  I get the day with Owen!!!  Lots of family fun!!!

be well and thanks to everyone for a great last night!!!


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