Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday is Grocery Shopping Day!!!

Sunday is my grocery shopping day!!  I'm always thinking about the next week's menu and gradually each week i put together a list of recipes and meals that i know i need to shop for.  I go to the market with a list and a plan but i always see fabulous produce that was not on  my list that i buy and just create a new fun recipe for.  So food and going to the market are a creative outlet for me.  The best part is that we need to eat every day many times.  We have the opportunity to satisfy our senses and fuel our body with the foods from nature each time we eat!!  I did 99% of my grocery shopping at My Organic Market today and stopped at whole foods just for a few things.  Check out some essential foods i have ripening on my counter at this time:

avocados- i always have ripe avocados in my refrigerator and ripening ones one my counter.   you need avocados to add to smoothies and soups, to make dips and even to make facial masks.  i use avocado and honey as a skin softening facial mask weekly!!1

tomatoes- this week i plan to make a homemade ketchup and a tomato basil dressing for zucchini pasta.  Always great to add to salads too!!

ginger- Ginger is loaded with medicinal properties plus i just love it.  great to add flavor to dressings, spice up green juices or make a simple ginger tea. 
lemons and limes- i use loads of lemon for my morning water daily and i love limes for juices and dressings!!
garlic!!!- Extremely medicinal!!!  you should eat loads of garlic every day so the more the better- in juices, sauces etc.
onions-  i also love onions so here are a few sweet onions for salads and dressings this week.  my scallions are in the frig. 
bananas- i let the bananas get very yellow with brown spots and then i peel them and freeze them for smoothies!!
watermelons are delish right now too!!!  the boys love watermelon.  you can make watermelon juice or even blend it up for a watermelon smoothie.  Add the rind to decrease the affect of sugar on your body.  sometimes i also have papaya, pineapple, pears and mango ripening on the counter- but not this week!!
Each sunday check out the blog for more essential grocery shopping tips!!!

Now for some highlights of my day!!!
Started the day with cardio and equinox barre burn class.  i love this class- mix of pilates, ballet and strength training with weights!!  Home to make a smoothie.  The white stuff is extra protein powder mixed with hemp seeds- i love to use a spoon and chew a little.  i only do this with vanilla or chocolate sun warrior because i love the taste!! 

14 ounces chilled yerbe mate tea
1 cup mixed berries
2 frozen bananas
1 handful goji berries
1 handful bok choy
1 handful kale
1 big scoop sun warrior vanilla protein
1 big tbsp hemp seeds
1 tbsp dulse
1 tbsp acai
1 tbsp camu camu

Blend till smooth and enjoy.  I drank half immediately and half on the way to the water park- 32 ounces total

check out the fun they had at the water park!!!

Of course they enjoyed some pizza too!!  Like i say- its what they eat 90% of the time that matters!!!  my food philosophy with my boys is that i don't try to control what they eat all the time.  I know that i fuel them with the best foods possible when they are with me and what happens when they are at parties, out with friends etc is fine.  I want them to think for themselves and make their own choices.  i want them to experiment with everything and see how different foods make them feel.  I model a healthy lifestyle in the hopes that they will one day choose to live their own healthy lifestyle.  I do not nag or freak out if they won't eat what i feel is the best thing for them.  They make great choices most of the time and i'm proud of them for that!!  The best i can do is continue to model and encourage.

For lunch i used my creative coleslaw from yesterday to make a collard wrap plus i ate some with kale chips too.  i loved the mix of textures with the kale chips and coleslaw- the kale chips were crunchy and the coleslaw creamy!!  Great combo!!!

Early sunday night to bed!

be well, kelly  

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