Sunday, July 15, 2012

I love Sundays!!

Today was a fabulous day with my boys!!  
We decided not to venture to the gym because we had a lot we wanted to do- all fun stuff!!  Even if i don't go to the gym i need to get some movement in before the day starts.  This is what i did:
-running up and down the stairs for 5 minute intervals
-mixed with jumping on trampoline
-mixed with sun salutations
*It was exactly what i needed before i had my morning smoothie!!

Off to the Bethesda Central Market for this weeks ingredients for my menu plan!!  i've been loving getting very creative with our menu plans.  I work on "training" with the boys in regards to new foods and flavors each week.  I loaded my bags with: kale, basil, tomatoes, scallions, onions, pea sprouts, salad mix, spinach and more!!  Bought some great vegan basil pesto- love not always having to make it myself!!  The boys saw the new ice cream truck and they enjoyed some mocha chip- nothing like ice cream at 10am!!

We went home, unpacked and then time for the park.  we packed up the car with all our park gear- bikes, helmets, baseball bats and balls, tennis rackets and balls and basketball.  we were ready for anything!!  First we took a bike ride on Beach Drive.  Love sundays on beach drive because there is plenty of space for the boys to ride and have fun!!  Next, baseball on the field.  we take turns batting, catching, pitching and playing outfield.  Next, to the playground for swings.  mason and i wanted to play tennis too but owen was not in the mood.  Finally, another bike ride to the horse stables to watch the horses!! 
here is mason after the park- in need of more coconut water!!

Time for lunch!!

i enjoyed my kale coleslaw with the basil walnut pesto i bought at the market wrapped in a nori sheet.  It totally energized me. 

I love sundays because we don't NEED to be anywhere at any specific time.  I'm very aware of the time all week and love when i don't need to think about it.  we just go with the flow. 

after lunch we packed up the car again to take a bunch of clothing and toys to Good Will to donate.  This was a great "training" for the boys to teach them about giving to kids not as fortunate as them. 
here are a few wellness thoughts to leave you with.  5 things you can do to have more energy every day:
1.- drink loads of clean spring or alkaline water every day!!
2.- drink green smoothies and green juices every day!!!
3.- breathe deeply as often as you can every day!!!
4.- exercise daily!!
5.- get optimal sleep for you every night!!!

time for bed for me!!  My biggest challenge at this stage of life is number 5!!  i have sooo much i want to do in life that i don't want to sleep!!!

night , night!!!

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