Saturday, September 22, 2007

Go Green

Green Festival: A joint project of Global Exchange and Co-op America

Mark your calendars for the Green Festival taking place at the Washington Convention Center on October 6th and 7th. I attend this event every year and it is fabulous. This event has a purpose and that is to help create a better world for all. It celebrates what is working in our local communities for people, for business and for the environment.

You have the opportunity to listen to over 100 speakers on topics such as:

Media’s Impact on the Green Lifestyle Movement

Living Democracy: Feeding Hope

Eco-Chic: Outdoor Living at Its Best

Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Go Green

Landing Your Dream Green Job

Creating Change on Campus

Living with Solar 101

Solar Cooking: Saving Planet Earth One Meal at a Time

Perspectives on Sustainable Business

Greening Our Democracy

Your Right to Know: Changes to Your Food

Natural Make-up and Skincare

The Top 10 Steps to Green Remodeling

Take part in the Green Film Festival and view some of the following films:

National Teach-In on Iraq

The Man Who Planted Trees

One More Dead Fish

Seeds, Hope and Concrete

American Revolution II

Composting for Busy People

The Power of community

Wind Over Water

Check out the yoga studio and take part in some of the following classes:

Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga and Chi Kung

Core Yoga

Yoga Transdance

Chakra Yoga

Yoga Basics


Meditation and Yoga

Enjoy great how-to workshops, a fair trade pavilion, organic beer, delicious organic cuisine and live music. I love experimenting with all the different foods and taste-testing new vegan and vegetarian recipes. There are over 350 exhibits that include everything from organic jeans and clothing to sustainably harvested wood. You have the opportunity to buy many of the products that you see. There is an amazing book store that offers an abundance of books to help you live the green life. You can learn about renewable energy and green technology, how to invest in your community and green businesses and how to green your home.

There are family oriented activities and a Green Kid’s Zone.

Check out for more information!!!

Green Festival is sponsored by Co-op American and Global Exchange. Learn more about these organizations at:

I’ve been a member of Co-op America for many years and it provides you with the resources you need to learn practical tips for living green. Don’t miss this amazing event. It will change how you live your life. Remember, you make a statement with every dollar you spend and every action you take. Start making a green statement today and continue to everyday!!!

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