Friday, November 30, 2007

Raw World Summit 2

For the past two weeks the Raw World Summit has been going on. What is the Raw World Summit? Each night an expert in the Raw Live Food Movement participates in a teleconference that you can listen to on your computer or via phone. It has been fabulous. I've listened to every speaker and they are all inspirational. Check out to see all the fabulous speakers. If you are interested in listening to any of the speakers or receiving cds of the summit you can order them online.

I've been 100% raw for a few months now and I'm feeling fabulous. You don't have to go 100% raw to benenfit from the raw live food lifestyle. The key is to just increase the amount of raw live foods you are eating and or drinking. Start by eating fresh fruit first thing in the morning. Next, add a large green colorful salad for lunch.

If you have a juicer I challenge you to add a green juice to your morning routine. I love starting the day with my green juice. Here is my favorite green juice that gets me energized first thing in the morning. My 13 month old son loves it too!!! I usually have 1-2 Liters each morning.

Kelly's favorite Green Juice Energizer

2 cucumber
8 stalks of celery
1 large bunch kale
1 bunch chard
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch cilantro
2 cups spinach
5 carrots
2 apples
3 lemons
1 inch piece ginger
superfoods: 1 tsp E3-live, 2 shots of wheatgrass and 1 tsp spirulina
(I vary the superfoods)

The above makes 2 liters.

This is a light and refreshing drink that energizes you for the morning!!!

If you don't want to include as many things as i do you can simplify the recipe. Choose your favorite greens. I love kale because it is sooo nutritious. Include a very hydrated veggie to gert more fluids such as cucumber or celery. Add something with a little sweetness such as carrot, apple or pear. Add lemon or lime to give the drink freshness and a tangy taste. Ginger provides anti-inflammatory properties. Cayenne will give it some fire and energy. Add a variety of superfoods to increase its nutrient content.

Have fun, eat more whole raw organic fruits and veggies and start juicing today!!!

Live everyday with gratitude, kelly

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