Saturday, July 26, 2008

Get Fresh!!!

Get Fresh is a fabulous magazine all about raw living. It's for people passionate about pure food, health and living life to the full. I've subscribed to it for a while now but i just saw it at Whole Foods today. i was so happy to see this. I see this as another example of how raw living is making its way into mainstream. So next time you are at whole foods check out the magazine, "Get Fresh."

i suggest that everyone keep a food/wellness journal. we all need to pay careful attention be certain we get all of our needed nutrients, minerals, vitamins etc. i pay very close attention to my daily food/water/fluid intake and make sure i'm getting what i need for myself and for my new little one. i keep my journal on my nightstand and every night before bed i write down waht i ate that day and what i plan to eat the next day. it helps me stay organized and helps me see what changes i can make to make the next day even more nutrient-dense.

Try this natural skin moisturizer that i've been using regularly:
Mix avocado and manuka honey together, apply to your face and leave on 15-30 minutes. The avocado delivers moisture to the skin due to its high fatty acid content. The honey is loaded with powerful antioxidants which work as a humectant and help the skin retain moisture.

BE WELL, kelly

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Kristen's Raw said...

Yay for Raw :)

I also keep tabs on my daily (or at least weekly) consumption of nutrients.