Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays and Update

i hope everyone is enjoying the fabulous holiday season. I love the holiday season. it is about sharing amazing food and experiences with the ones you love and are grateful for. Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately but i've been living my wellness and taking every opportunity to get to bed immediately after putting my two boys down to bed at night. Sleep is very important in your overall wellness. As a mom of a three year old and a ten month old i do not always get my optimal sleep. this is why my every day wellness rituals are soooooo important. if i do not take optimal care of myself i can not be the best mother, wife, nutrition counselor, yoga instructor, physical therapist etc that i can be. in general over the last few months my daily rituals include:

wake 5:30ish
drink warm water with lemon and ginger or yerbe mate or green tea
make my green juice
yoga class
drink green juice (made with all the organic fresh greens at the market that week):
celery, cucumber, kale, dandelion greens, cilantro, collards, chard, spring mix, sprouts, spinach, romaine, green leaf etc and apple. sometimes i add lemon and ginger.
eat in-season fresh organic fruit
drink green juice
days that i eat simple i may just have a huge power shake later in the day.
other items i eat for my late afternoon meal include: nori wraps filled with sprouts and avocado and veggies, collard wraps filled with nut/seed cheeses and veggies, big bowls of green savory soups with dehydrated crackers, seaweed salad nori rolls, big salads filled with loads of veggies, sea veggies, avocados and more.
During the colder months i will do warm bowls of quinoa, sweet potato, peas, broccoli, spinach, cilantro and sea veggies. sometimes i roll this mixture up in a nori wrap--- so yummy.

Starting tomorrow i will do my Raw Yoga Cleanse. it is not much different then my normal daily rituals but i want to clean up a few things. i'm eliminating my occasional yerbe mate or green tea in the morning. Caffeine should not be part of anyone's daily rituals for many reasons but especially due to its effect on your adrenals. so i will totally eliminate this. i also have noticed that when i eat my "cooked food" meal of quinoa, sweet pot etc. or a grain such as in sprouted grain bread i just don't feel up to par. so i'm going to eliminate these things and test how i feel. i love experimenting like this. Everyone needs to take the time to experiment and see what the body and mind need at that moment in time. these thing may have made me thrive last month but i just don't feel that they are nourishing me now. so i'm excited to cleanse the body of them.

in general for the next few days my daily rituals will include:

warm water and lemon and ginger
green juice
fresh fruit
green juice
green fruit smoothies
or green power smoothies
or green savory soups
or green salads with sprouted seed crackers or cheeses

i will include my pre/post natal supplement, my liquid iron supplement, E-3 live, superfoods and sea veggies.

i love my green power smoothie lately. if i get home from the studio after 5ish i don't like to eat a lot because i go to bed early and i don't want to still be digesting food when i go to bed. so a blended green smoothie (either fruit or savory) is what works for me. an example of a green power fruit smoothie that i will do is: banana, berries or fruit of choice, fresh greens (chard, spinach, kale etc) goji berries, date, raisens, acai powder, bee pollen, ground flax seed, dulse, pure synergy green powder, sun warrior vanilla protein powder, blue green algae (blue manna or e-3 live and or other superfoods. This shake is complex but i feel so satisfied and nourished after i drink it. i drink is slow over 1-2 hours and really swirl it around my mouth before swallowing. this is a great nourishing meal for anyone on the go and especially for moms who are busy nourishing their kids and family too.

Yummy- i love eating clean, simple, delicious foods!!

I hope that everyone will join me in "cleaning up" their daily rituals. doing a cleanse or detox is ok but the key in making long term changes and optimizing your health and wellness is making the right choices in your daily rituals. what you do 90% of the time is what determines your health and wellness.


Be Well, kelly

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