Friday, June 4, 2010

Raw with a Twist!!!!!

sorry for the vacation from blogging. life has been a little crazy. we renovated our kitchen and basement which means i was traveling with my boys for a few weeks to get out of the chemicals and craziness. but it is almost all done. i have an amazing fun open kitchen that i will be able to do loads of fabulous food demonstrations in!!! and working in the kitchen now is such a pleasure. i loved preparing foods before and even more now!!! i'm soooo thankful for my new space.

over the last few months i've also been working on a new project- my raw food company. my partner and i are launching "Raw with a Twist". we hope to launch officially by the end of the summer. my partner is also a raw vegan chef and we have been having an amazing time taste testing recipes, creating designs for labels/logos etc. so much is involved but it is all fun too. look out for we will have a website and blog coming soon. we will be providing you with all the raw vegan foods you could dream of: green juices, juice cleanse programs, smoothies, nut/seed milks, salads, pates, wraps, desserts, ice cream and more. we are preparing for an event this sunday and i indulged in way tooooo much cashew coconut vanilla ice cream mixed with chunks of raw cacao and walnuts. but it was sooo yummy!!

so that is the update.

be well, kelly

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