Monday, September 27, 2010

Max Strom & Green Juice/ Smoothie Feast

Welcome everyone,
This past weekend Max Strom was in town and i took his workshops. He is such an inspiration and a gifted yoga practitioner and teacher. Every time i take class or workshops with him he has this ability to calm my body and mind. i step out from class, into the real world, and the calmness holds. He inspired many thoughts in me but one very important one is a calm mind leads to a calm body- and if we have agitation in either the other is effected. Think about how often we talk to ourselves and say negative things- this can agitate the body causing physical symptoms. if we lay awake at night because the mind is racing with thoughts the body is often tense and never gets to restore or rejuvenate as it should during sleep.
I also love that Max teaches BREATH first and ASANAs second. I know that breathing is the most important thing about a yoga practice and can make a huge impact on our daily lives. It is only with breath that yoga relaxes the nervous system. i challenge you to focus more on the breath during yoga and in your daily life- take notice of the difference it makes.
I'm rereading his book, "A life worth breathing." I highly recommend this to everyone!!

I'm doing a green juice/fruit/green smoothie cleanse. i usually do a cleanse like this when i do a weekend of workshops or am practicing yoga more often each day. i feel more connected with my body when i eat simple. the combination of eating/drinking light and practicing yoga several times daily leaves me with a calm and clear mind and a connected body.
my days are basically:
water and probiotic
yoga class
E-3 live shots
green juice and supplements
green smoothie

My green smoothie recipe tonight was:
2 cups water
1 very large organic mango (i also ate mango this afternoon!! i'm a little obsessed with them right now!!)
2 handful greens
1 cups strawberries
1 banana
2 scoops vanilla sun warrior raw fermented brown rice protein powder
1 large scoop acai powder
1 large scoop pure synergy
**i drank it slowly over an hour and a half while we ate (or drank) dinner, cleaned up and played.

for dinner the boys had their green smoothies, strawberry and mango chunks, avocado with sea salt and nutritional yeast (cheese) and a little quinoa and bean dish. after dinner they enjoyed a delicious raw vegan almond vanilla ice cream with sprinkles of bee pollen. Mason said he wants chocolate chips in the ice cream next time- so i'll get some cacao chunks for the next batch i make. Yummy! I look forward to this one.

The above pics are from a recent day at the river watching the airplanes and sailboats go by while having a picnic with friends. It was a beautiful day!!
Namaste, Kelly

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