Monday, March 17, 2008

Yoga Day

I had a fabulous day of yoga yesterday. As most of you know i have an amazing passion for my yoga practice. if i don't practice daily i just don't feel the same. Yesterday, my wonderful husband watched my son Mason so i could do a yoga class and two yoga workshops. i started the day with my normal sunday vinyasa flow class in a heated room. i love the heated room. i arrive early to allow my body to take in the heat and prepare it for my yoga pratice. my instructor did a wonderful flow series that left me feeling energized and renewed. between this class and my first yoga workshop of the day i drank my green juice (wheatgrass and E-3 live blue green algae) and ate a little bee pollen for nutrients and energy. the first yoga workshop i did was a hip opener workshop. one of the goals of my movement practice is to open my hips. hip openers not only release tension and physical stress in the hips but can truly help you to open up and release mental and emotional stress. they are a great practice for most people. next i did a pranayama (breathing) workshop. I love slowing down and focusing on my breath for two hours. with a 17 month old i rarely get to do this. i practice pranayama regularly but not for two hours straight.
as much as i love being a teacher i also love being a student. i will be a student for life. being a student for life makes me a better teacher.
Take the opportunity to do various workshops and experience different instructors and techniques.

Live each day with a beginner's mind. See everything through a child's eyes.


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kelly montgomery said...

dear kelly,

i just discovered your blog and i love who you are and what you stand for! i wrote down the products that you recommend and am excited to try them. it's just that i am struggling as i read what you eat in a day. it seems as tho you barely eat! which is great since that works for you. i just can't imagine existing on such little food. as a nutritionist is that what you recommend for most people? i eat a healthy diet but with being active i eat about twice the amount of food that you eat! please HELP!

thank you for your meaningful work!

peace, love and veggies,