Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's New

Sorry about the time away from blogging. I'm back and ready to catch you up. I love this time of year. Spring is coming and we have more daylight hours to enjoy. I moved my studio/practice to Bethesda, Maryland at Balance Studio. It is a wonderful place to practice. It is open and fresh and everyone has great energy. Plus, it is two minutes from my house. I lease a private office and have access to all the pilates and gyrotonic apparatus and the open yoga rooms. It is perfect for my holistic approach to practicing.

In regards to my own wellness i've been working on simplifying my own daily food intake. Digestion and assimilation are key to long-term health. the more pure and simple your food and meals the better. i've been paying more attention to specific combinations and following the food combination rules more. i have experimented with combinations and know what works best for me. when i keep it simple i feel better and have increased energy. Lately this is what i've been doing:
b-complex, MSM
elliptical intervals 30 minutes
set intensions for the day
2 oz wheatgrass, approx 1/4 cup E-3 live
get ready
mono fruit (mixing different types of fruit does not work for me): i alternate the type of fruit each day- papaya, apples/pears, berries, watermelon
DHA, pre/post natal multi, D3
probiotic, digestive enzymes
green juice- approximately 2 16 oz servings made of: celery, cucumber, spinach, cilantro, kale, swiss chard, parsely (i've been only doing greens and not mixing carrot or apple or adding too much stuff. This works better for me. I feel cleaner and more energized).
last meal options:
-green salad and sprouts with apple cider vinegar and hemp oil wrapped in nori roll with a few of lydia's organic crackers (somtimes i add avocado and sundried tom to the salad)
-nori roll with sundried tomato pate, sprouts, cucumber (these are sooo yummy) (sometimes i add avocado)
-nori/lettuce roll with sundred tomato pate, tahini, sprouts, cucumber
finish eating by 6 ( i used to make it a rule to finish eating by 7 but i feel better if i do it earlier so i changed this to 6). This gives my body time to digest food before it is time to rest and rejuvate with a great night sleep.
no tv before bed. i would occasionally click the tv on prior to going to bed. i have found if i get into bed, read briefly on a topic that i thoroughly love and do some deep-breathing exercises i get a better night's rest.

i'm still working on simplifying my evening meal. I've been feeling great with my new daily rituals. i also do yoga classes, pilates and gyrotonic exercise each day. nice days i go for long walks/hikes with mason or play outside with him. i try to get outside as much as possible. i really look forward to spring/summer and being able to be outside all day!!!

have a wonderful day. kelly

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