Sunday, January 20, 2008

Healthy Crackers and Nut Butters

For those of you who love the crisp sensation of crackers but don't eat them because most crackers are not very nutritious, well I have a few wonderful choices for you. In the raw food world there are many types of dehydrated crackers that you can eat as plane crackers, use as an open-faced sandwich or just spread something on them and enjoy.

Two of my favorite dehydrated crackers, or this company calls them "crisps", are made by Mauk Family Farms ( They are called "Mineral Crisps" and "Breakfast Crisps". Check out the website for more details but the minerals crisps are made of dehydrated pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds and more. The Breakfast Crisps are made of dehydrated buckwheat, flax and include raisens and gogi berries. Both crisps are extremely nutritious. My favorite way to eat the minerals crisps is to spread either pumpkin seed butter or tahini on them and enjoy every bite. My favorite way to eat the breakfast crisps is to spread them with almond butter or cashew/brazil nut butter. I get these crackers at My Organic Market.

When you are purchasing nut butters be sure they are truly raw organic nut butters. Some labels can say raw but not truly be raw. You can purchase truly raw nut butters from or Two good brands are artisana and rejuvenative foods. Whole Foods carries some of the rejuvenative nut butters. They are expensive but well worth the price. Remember, your health is priceless.

Another brand of crackers that I love are lydia's organics. They make not only fabulous crackers but also great raw granola and breakfast cereals. My favorite crackers are the sunflower seed bread, luna nori crackers and green crackers. I love spreading tahini and pumpkin seed butter on these too. You can sprinkle a little kelp on top for some added iodine. Check out or

To make an open-faced sandwich on any of these crackers just take the cracker of choice and spread it with spread of choice (my favorite is tahini) and then layer on the fun stuff. My favorite layers are sprouts, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado and a sprinkle of kelp!!!

Here are my wellness rituals from yesterday:

woke around 6:30
warm water with lemon and msm powder
took my b-complex and D3 supplements
elliptical 30 minutes
2 oranges
cup of green tea: I've been drinking warm tea lately. I switch between green tea, yerba mate and yogi detox tea
9am yoga class: one and a half hours of vinyasa flow yoga- i love this class!!!! if i could do a full class of yoga every morning before i start my day i would.
12pm large energizing shake: raspberries, blueberries, gogi berries, my green juice (already prepared with kale, chard, cilantro, parsley, apple, lemon, carrots, E3 live, wheatgrass), coconut water, pure synergy green powder, maca powder, hemp protein powder, acai powder, bee pollen, mesquite powder and a date. This shake is such a nutritious treat.
supplements: dha, biotin, multi-pre/post natal
4:30 salad: mixture of greens, sprouts- alfalfla, arugala, clover, avocado, kelp with dressing of hemp oil and apple cider vinegar
5:30 mineral crisps with tahini spread
8-9 relaxed before going to sleep

Enjoy your crunchy new crackers!!! kelly

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