Monday, October 13, 2008

Back To Living Light

hi everyone, i'm back at The Living Light Culinary Institute in California. i'm here finishing my raw vegan food chef and instructor certification program. i love being surrounded by like-minded individuals and sharing their experiences and ideas. every morning we are filled with E-3 live, green smoothies and green juice. I love having my green juice made for me everyday. typically at home i make and drink at least 50 oz a day-having it made for me is fabulous. today we made a fantastic Not-Tuna Salad made with almonds, sunflower seeds and many of the veggies and seasonings that are typically in a traditional tuna salad. some of the benefits of eating this compared to the typical tuna salad are that you are not getting all the mercury in tuna and the not-tuna salad is more alkaline compared to the acid ash tuna and mayonnaise in typical tuna salad. For lunch we had a feast of greens, sprouts, raw sauerkraut, marinated onions, not-tuna salad, pizza flax crackers and a yummy dijon dressing. in our afternoon lab we experimented with blooming wild rice to make an asian-style wild rice. then we crafted vietnamese salad rolls with a variety of cabbages and south east asian sauces- soooo yummy. i loved the wild rice with the sauces!! this will be a great transition dish for many people who are transitioning from typical cooked food to raw foods. look out for more about my raw food journey.

be well, kelly

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