Sunday, October 26, 2008

Raw Vegan Chef and Instructor

hello everyone, i'm very happy to say that i graduated from The Living Light Culinary Institute this past weekend. i am now a certified raw vegan chef and instructor. this was an amazing program that taught me more than i ever expected. i was a foodie before going to Living Light and i'm even more of one now. i just love creating nutritious and delicious meals and snacks for everyone to enjoy. i will show the world that food does not have to be bland or unsatisfying to be healthy. one of the keys is taking the time to prepare and make your food with love. i love taking my time at the market to pick out the best of each piece of produce i buy. of course you should always buy organic but remember to also buy local and seasonal produce. another important thing to remember is to eat food when it is ripe. ripe produce has the most enzymes and will digest the best.

in the near future i will be offering a variety of classes to teach you how to prepare these amazing foods for yourself. in addition, i will offer classes focused on the science of raw food nutrition and why you should choose not only to be a vegan but why a raw vegan. i'll keep you updated.

eat well, kelly

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