Monday, November 10, 2008

DC Greenfestival

I love the greenfestival!!

it is that time of year again- time for the annual greenfestival which is so energizing. this year it was bigger than ever. what i love the most about greenfestival is that there are thousands of like-minded people, in one room, who are passionate about becoming more green, sustainable and living eco-friendly. you can find anything and everything you could possibly want green including: home remodeling, architecture, bags, clothing, jewelry, food, books, magazines and more. they have an amazing kid section too to get the kids learning about living green young. i took mason and he had sooo much fun. we colored, painted and even decorated a leaf to be placed on a "growing tree"- all using recycled paper. then we explored the discovery jungle truck which transported you to the rain forest. he also enjoyed all the truly healthy food they had to offer- both free and for cost.

If you are not a member of co-op america i suggest you go on-line and sign-up right now. i'm a member of co-op america which is one of the main sponsors of the event. if you sign up to be a member at greenfest it is free. Co-op america provides you with everything you need to live a sustainable life including local green businesses that follow green practices and green investing.

for anyone interested in green living just get started small:
-use reusable bags- keep them in your car so you don't forget them
-eat green: buy local organic foods from local farmers, shop at local farmer's markets
-use reusable water bottles: for mason i use born free and klean kanteen
-klean kanteen bottles are great for adults too.
-use green light bulbs
-ride your bike or walk more and drive less
gradually you can step up and make larger changes
-remodeling your home in an eco-friendly, sustainable way
-buying an eco-friendly car

with the holidays coming a great idea is to buy eco-friendly green gifts for your family, friends and everyone you want to show appreciation to. Some examples include:
-lotions and beauty products
-donations to organizations you know they are passionate about
-an eco-trip or adventure

live green everyday and make greenfestival part of your yearly schedule.

Live Green and Thrive!!!


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