Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nourishing Baby Food

Good Morning, it is 6:17am and i just got done making my green juice for the day and stocking up on baby food. owen is 6 months old now and eating fabulous organic nutrient dense foods. i continue to breast feed him and plan to till he is 2ish. i prepare most food in the vitamix blender which i could not live without!!! i started him with mono-meals of all the foods i feed him to make sure he tolerates them well. Now i combine some of the foods for various meals and snacks. i prepare everything i feed him and make sure it is all organic, clean and safe. This morning i prepared:

blended papaya and peaches
blended cucumbers
blended peas
blended carrots

meal combinations that i feed him include:

smashed banana, avocado and spirulina
blended apples, pears, bananas and oil
blended peas, carrots, almond milk and oil
blended sweet potato, avocado, almond milk and oil
for lighter snacks i may just do blended cucumber and carrots or cucumber and apples

i add avocado or one of the following oils to most of his meals:

udo's choice with DHA
flax oil with DHA
hemp oil

i also add spirulina, goji juice and/or almond milk to some meals.

Gradually i continue to introduce him to new foods making sure he is getting all the nutrients that he needs.

my intention with my boys is to introduce them to a variety of healthy foods and nourish their minds and bodies the best i can. the earlier you introduce your kids to whole organic foods the more likely they are to choose these foods in the future. i want to introduce their palates to the bounty of fresh whole organic foods and flavors that our earth offers. i will not be dogmatic or force anything on them. i want them to choose a healthy lifestyle for themselves. i want them to run home from school and choose to eat the fresh raw veggies and fruits instead of the candy they will be offered at school and friend's homes.

people often think that eating healthy means depriving yourself of all the foods you love. i look at it as the opposite. eating whole organic local foods allows me to taste the uniqueness of each food. i love the experience of eating. i love simple fresh foods. i love to eat slowly and savor each bite (which does not always happen with two little boys). eating in-season white nectarines or figs is sooo much more satisfying compared to even the thought of eating a bowl of store-bought ice cream or sweets. i never crave processed foods. as you begin to eat more simply you stop craving all the processed foods and you only crave whole organic real foods. if you keep your diet simple you will truly enjoy the flavors and essence of each food. this is part of my philosophy with owen and mason- introduce them to all the fresh whole organic foods and they will be set up to desire these foods in the future.

Feed the babies and kids of the world whole real organic foods and we will create a world of healthy, happy and well people!!!


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Nicholas Hundley said...

You have an amazing blog, and I love what you do! I met Ilana Seidel at University of Pittsburgh medical school today at an integrative medicine event. I told her about my desire to advance prenatal and family nutrition and she told me about you, so I looked you up!

BTW, My wife went to IIN in 2005-2006. GREAT school!

Keep up the good work.