Monday, August 16, 2010

Be Present

Mason and Owen enjoying their organic grapes!!!

Owen and I at a restaurant at the beach.

One of the most important things, if not the most important, you can do to live the life you want is to BE PRESENT every moment!!! Being Present is what helps me be a good mother. i try to identify what my kids need every moment of everyday. what will make them thrive? what are they needing emotionally? how can i help them help themselves? what are their hearts needing at that moment? and of course what nutrients are their cells needing at that time??? this is one of my favorite needs to satisfy.
we were away for a long weekend this past weekend and i always love returning to my cozy home. i can now say that we are making our house truly ours and i love it. when we are away i don't stress if the kids eat different foods. i'm always prepared and travel with loads of raw vegan options for the whole family- fresh organic fruits and veggies, food bars, dehydrated crackers and cereals, avocados, green salads/sprouts, sea veggies and more- i even bring my own sea salt and nutritional yeast. when we stay with friends or family they always know to clear a few shelves in the frig. when the kids do eat mainstream foods such as pizza, mac and cheese or ice cream i know they are not thriving. i want them to experience everything and make the right choices in the future. yes- it drives me a little crazy but i don't make a big deal about it. what does bother me is knowing that they don't feel optimal when they eat this stuff. i know this because as a mom i also see their poops and i know digestion is not optimal. i also see it in their behavior. when they are off their typical nutrient-dense vegan, mostly raw, diet they just are not the same. mason gets very hyperactive and even owen now is not as mellow. so i'm always excited to get them home and eating well again- a Kids Cleanse!!

so what are some of the foods and snacks they will be eating the next few days:

-lots of GREEN SMOOTHIES. here is one that is always a winner:

2 frozen bananas
handful of goji berries
handful of mixed berries
2 tbsp of flaxseeds
1 large handful of greens: spinach, chard, kale etc.
1 scoop sun warrior brown rice protein
kids probiotics
or i keep it simple with just the greens and fruit.

-green juice with lots and lots of apple!!!
-raw cereals with home-made almond milk
-coconut kefir in juice
-celery and carrots with almond butter or other nut butter
-sprouted grain bread with almond butter and blended raspberries
-home made energy bars made of dates, nuts/seeds, green powder
-blended raw veggie soups with avocado
-blended avocado with banana pudding
-they love quinoa nori rolls with avocado and veggies. we dip it in a honey (or datges) tahini dressing!!! quinoa is one of the cooked foods i give them regularly and they love it. i also give them sprouted quinoa but they don't like the texture as much.
-sweet potato chips
-kale chips- cheesy (loaded with nutritional yeast) and sweet
-banana and frozen fruit ice cream sundaes!!!!
and so much more!!!

Owen enjoying his not-tuna pate.

they are both sleeping now and i truly miss them. while they are young and i have control over what they eat most of the time i will feed them the best i possibly can. i cherish every moment with them. tonight after bath we did yoga and sang songs. then it was time for "ice cream" night. i made banana mango avocado ice cream sprinkled with bee pollen. soooo yummy and they both loved it. next we read a few curious george books before listening to music and going to bed. i love being a raw yoga mommy!!!!

be well and live present!!!! kelly- the raw yoga mom!!!

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