Monday, May 28, 2012

Drink up Organic Unpasteurized Coconut Water!!!

Time for summer fun and the perfect time to eat more RAW living foods.  One of the best things you can drink when you are working out outside or playing in the sun is something with coconut water!!  Coconut water replenishes your electrolytes and hydrates you like nothing else.  To stay hydrated you can also take MegaHydrate which i take daily!! 
If you want to get optimal benefits from coconut water you need to order your coconut water from  Right now i have about 30 32 ounce frozen bottles in my freezer!!!  i often drink a whole 32 ounces in one day!!  I love it after my workouts in the morning.

Add coconut water to your green juice which is like getting a blood transfusion!!!
8 ounces of exotic superfoods coconut water
8 ounces of your daily green juice

Make smoothies using a base of coconut water!!
Sorry my blog posts have been minimal lately.  I'm working on a great project launching in the fall plus a new and improved blog, website and social media launch.  I'll keep you posted on everything!!! 

happy memorial day and happy summer!!!  kelly 

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