Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Gym

It has been 4 weeks since having Owen William Bradley and I'm feeling energized. My intention is to challenge my body and mind with new workouts. i'm experimenting with what works and what makes me feel good. I've been going to a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class at Try Yoga and then going to the gym for cardio and dynamic conditioning everyday- yes i tend to take things to the extreme. i'm loving it. i've been away from the gym for years and truly never thought i would return to "gym workouts". When i first reentered the gym i had a negative feeling. I believe that many people who go to the gym are mindlessly going through their exercise routine while watching TV or listening to random music and don't get optimal results. I feel that the overload of stimulation at the gym takes people away from what they are doing which often results in injuries.
To my surprise i'm now loving the gym. By bringing the mind/body connection to the gym, being mindful about everything i do and turning inward my gym experience has been fabulous. I now have an amazing positive energized feeling every time i enter the gym. i still use the elliptical, arc trainer, treadmill and various pieces of equipment but i'm focused on the preciseness of each movement, my breath, posture, lengthening the spine, fluid movements and challenging myself. I'm focused and engaged in what i'm doing. i'm bringing all the knowledge i gained through my yoga, pilates, gyrotonic exercise training and life to the gym. this combination is a new challenge for my mind and body and i'm loving it.
i challenge you to reexamine your workouts and connect with your mind and body in all forms of exercise.

move well, kelly

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