Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nourishing New Moms

As of this thursday my new born will be three weeks old. As i experience the life of a new mom again i am reminded of the importance of taking care of myself. If i'm not feeling well and energetic i'm not going to be the best parent that i can be. so my advice to all new moms is to be sure to do something for yourself everyday. do many things for yourself everyday if you can. i returned to the gym last week but what i realize is that the "gym" does not satisfy me as much as my yoga classes. with two kids i have to pick and choose my adventures everyday. so i've decided to schedule in a yoga class everyday. i had previously thought, "i wish i could go to a yoga class everyday." Well- now i can and i plan to keep this in my schedule as long as i want. my yoga classes are where i just feel alive, energetic, balanced and focused. starting the day looking inward and being mindful about how you feel is amazing. i'm so excited to wake up everyday knowing that i get to practice my yoga with a group of like-minded people.

with the change of seasons approaching make it a priority to get out and do your cardiovascular exercise outside in nature. this is my intention for all nice days. i love being out in nature and i want to get back to biking and hiking and will take the boys with me. this will allow me to get my cardiovascular exercise in, spend time with my boys and benefit from nature.

another key for new moms is to get out and socialize. with limited time for socializing you want to be sure to spend time with the people who matter most and who truly make you and your life better. this is a time in your life to take a good look at your friends, colleagues etc and decide who you want to truly be a part of your life and who is not worth your time and energy. it may sound harsh but it is true.

i also urge new moms to use your time wisely. when you are not feeding the baby or tending to the older kids make a list of your priorities and be sure to use your spare time to only do the things that really matter to you. for instance when you are nursing instead of watching tv or doing something mindless use this time to read a book that you've been wanting to read, meditate, practice deep breathing or call an old friend to catch up. when the baby goes down for a nap you can take a nap too, give yourself an at-home facial or organize your closet (if this is something you enjoy). i love organizing and getting rid of the old and only keeping what i truly need. be sure to give all old stuff to organizations that will re-use it.

more tips for new moms to come in the future.

be well and live green, kelly

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